5 mobile app development tips for small business and start-ups

You have a brilliant idea for a new mobile application which is so tempting it just has to succeed. However, you are a small company or a startup with no experience in IT industry and you don’t know what to do next to make your idea become a reality. Here you can find 5 great tips how to successfully get through mobile app development process and achieve success.


No matter how great, an idea is just a beginning. The next step is to decide what your business goals are and what is the purpose of your app. If you are a small local restaurant for example, you may want your app to inform about your services and build loyalty around your brand. In this case, your app will be a promotion tool for your real-life services. On the other hand, if you are a start-up and your business will be built only around an app, your main goal will be to gather as many users as possible and find a way to make a profit through your app.


Defining your target market is one of the key steps in every business. You can’t offer anything to people if you don’t know them and their needs. That’s why you should look at your idea from the users’ perspective and decide what problems they can solve by using your app. Try to ask your current or potential customers what they think about the problem you are trying to solve via an app. Is it really disturbing for them? Would they use a mobile app to solve it?


Apart from knowing your customers, you also need to know your competitors. The competition in mobile app industry is huge and you should try to be the first or the best to achieve success. Being the best means that you invent a brand new idea that will fascinate users. It is a very profitable, but also very demanding way. On the other hand, you can improve an existing type of apps in a way that makes your product stand out on the market. Don’t forget that both strategies require deep knowledge about the competitors in your niche.


If you don’t know the IT industry, finding a professional, reliable mobile app developer will be an extremely important task. The market is full of new companies which are trying to attract your attention but only some will provide you with the best quality code, design and advice on how to improve your app and make it profitable. Remember about checking your developer’s portfolio, references and ranks in rankings like AppFutura, Clutch or AppIndex. More information about choosing a reliable developer can be found here.


Let’s come back to the goals you set in the step 1. Profitability of your app is strictly connected with them. Some types of applications don’t make an in-app profit – in case of a restaurant you earn money through promoting your business via app but to make people use it, you need to keep it free. Other businesses make money only via app as the product they sell is the app itself. They can use three different types of monetization: sell an app, rent out ad space and enable in-app purchases. All of them have their pros and cons and can be combined to make bigger profit. Don’t forget though that users don’t like to be made to pay or watch ads all the time and you need to be cautious so as not to loose them.


As you see, there are some great challenges you need to face when turning your big idea into a real small business or startup app. That’s why a good idea might be consulting it with trust-worthy and experienced in app development specialists. It will protect you from making mistakes and give new chances for your app idea development.

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