5 most exciting mobile apps released this october

New apps are released everyday and it is difficult to keep up to date with the latest inventions in the market. Are you curious what’s currently in vogue in the mobile applications industry? Check our list of 5 most exciting mobile apps released last month.


This is the most expected and long-awaited app in our list, announced by Google during one of its great events. And no wonder: to enter a competitive market of messenger apps, dominated by WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Google has to work really hard to compete with the market leaders.

To face the competitors, the app offers a great deal of new features. The most notable of them is integrating elements of the Assistant in users’ chats. It not only allows to request Assistants’s help by using @google in one’s chat but also enables to carry out various actions such as booking a table at a restaurant directly via the app.

Google Allo also goes along with the latest trends in messenger apps such as secret chats and funny pictures within a conversation. The app supports end-to-end encryption and users are able to have Incognito chats. Allo lets to quickly add stickers, emoji and GIFs to the chats, too.


Virtual Reality and camera apps are having their moment. And the Sprayscape app takes advantage of both these fashions allowing users to make photos of their surroundings in a very unusual way.

When a user turn the app on, the screen is getting a blank sphare which doesn’t show the image of what is being photographed but only dark space. The picture is then created by unveiling parts of the black screen using a number of commands and clicks.

The purpose is to fill in the blank sphere with a collage of pictures that don’t present only a single moment and place captured by a photo but a longer period and many views of the photographed person or place. Surrealistic but funny to use.


Do you consider stock market investments as overcomplicated? Well, with the Stash app it is no more a problem. This free application makes the process simple and accessible, no matter how much money you have and want to spare.

The idea behind the app is combining the best features of a mobile app such as ease of use and intuitive “like” buttons with the difficult and complicated area of finances. Once installed, the app allows to rate various stock funds in three categories: “I believe,” “I want,” and “I like.” The first category is for stocks based on causes users support, the second focuses on what they hope to get out of their investment and the last is for companies users have personal experience with.

The Stash app focuses also on education of its users so that they can understand what’s going on with their money and to track your progress. The application is filled with descriptions, glossaries, and graphs making is easy to get to know the world of sock exchange and economy.


Sometimes pictures better reflect what you mean than words. Especially in the fashion world. Haven’t you even wonder what it was like to just make a picture of something and your mobile would exactly know what you are looking for? Then Thread Genius is for you.

The app has an advanced searching tool based on visual search which enables users to search right the same thing they saw (and made a picture of). Once you upload a picture of an article of clothing you are looking for, Thread Genius will find the item in several colour versions with price tags attached.

Other app’s features include searching for items with a certain pattern from a photo and finding inspirations from fashion bloggers on how to wear searched clothes.


Do you wonder what will be the next fashion after Snapchat? Chances are, the Tribe app is the answer. Appeared as “Best New App” in the Play Store and soon covered by international publications such as TechCrunch, VentureBeat, and Forbes, Tribe is possible to become the future of video messaging.

The idea behind Tribe is that instead of short texts or phone calls, users can send their friends short, 15-second videos to communicate with each other. This way, instead of reading messages after the text was sent, people are in the conference-style conversation, communicating the same way as if there were no distance between them.

The app has also a very interesting “Magic Words” feature which automatically send a link with news which users mention, concerning for example a celebrity or a breaking story

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Katarzyna Lorenc
Marketing Specialist

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