5 proven ways to acquire the most valuable users for your app

Imagine that you are an owner of a music shop. You have got instruments standing in the corners, CDs on the shelves and posters on the walls. Then two people come in: a middle-aged man, with a long hair and a Led Zeppelin T-shirt, and an old lady with shopping bags filled with groceries. Which customer would you be more glad to see in your shop? In 90% of cases (because who knows, maybe this grandma is a true rock addict!), the man will be a more certain and profitable receiver of your products. And the exact same situation goes with mobile apps.

You don’t need to have millions of people, who downloaded your app. You just need the ones, that will be truly loyal to you and won’t delete your app after the first usage. ‘Cause I hope you are aware, that 83% of iPhone applications are deleted soon after being installed? Similar to Android, with 90 % of applications deleted soon after installation.

App retention

These statistics sound truly terrifying to an app entrepreneur. So what you need to do, to avoid that from happening? You need to find users, that will be truly dedicated to your app, finding it perfectly fitted to their needs.

Sounds simple, but how to do that? Check our tips on how to acquire the most valuable users for your app and everything will suddenly become clear!

1. Go there where your users are

Wherever your users go – you should be like a ghost following their footsteps! But be careful, as you can easily become perceived by them as a stalker or spammer. That’s why you need to offer your users something really extraordinary, perfectly adjusted to their needs and habits. Just pasting a link to your app website is definitely not enough!

Go to the forums they visit, Facebook fan pages they like, and groups they join – and just talk about the things, that you are both passionate about! Have you developed a sports app? Go to the runner’s forum and share your good pieces of advice about marathon preparations. Made an app with cooking recipes? Share on your Instagram a photo of a perfect cheesecake you made, tagging your app in the description! Actively ran Social Media profiles are also the key to your app success – build around your brand a circle of dedicated, passionate on the same topic people, and they will be using your app with a pleasure!

Some companies have already discovered the power of a personalization.


For example, FitWoman – a fitness app showing gym exercises dedicated for women – is advertised in the Move.tv – the fitness television channel which can be watched in different gyms in Poland. The founder of the app has its own TV programme on this channel, showing how important exercises are and why the app can help women with that. The targeting is perfect – all people in the gym are interested in sport and are likely to try the new app out.


Why go social

2. Be visible in places, that your users follow

Take care of how your brand appears in the media your clients read, listen to or watch. Prepare personalized pitches for sources, you want to be included in and convince their journalists/creators, why they should write about your application. Send them a finished piece, or ask them for writing/shooting your app review themselves. Don’t think about newspapers and web portals only!

Speaking of newspapers, you should avoid promoting your app there, as they are not a good place for that kind of product. Instead, make sure your app is visible in online media – after all, in the internet a user is just a click from downloading your app, especially on mobile-adjusted websites.

Contact bloggers, YouTubers and other influencers, that may be interested in your mobile app. If they will become its fan, there is a huge chance, that their audience will fell in love with it as well! Target your influencers carefully: read/watch their content to make sure, that they expressed somehow, that they may be interested in your product.

For example, you see, that a very popular youtuber shot a video from his run, and you are the running app developer. Write this youtuber a message where you will mention that you noticed, that he is a running freak and you have for him something that will make his exercises even more pleasant – a great and innovative mobile app! Try to engage influencers from different parts of the world – this will give you a better exposure among your carefully picked target audience.

One of the examples of a very successful mobile app influencer marketing campaign is the Gamee case. The app is a mobile-first casual gaming social platform with a wide variety of games, which users can play on the go. Targeting gamers from 18 to 30 years old, Gamee reached out to influencers ranging from YouTubers to Instagrammers, including Chang Yong from Malaysian/Taiwan, Ilie Bivol from Moldova, Jirka Král from the Czech Republic and Naomi Neo from Singapore to introduce this game to the respective market. A unique feature of this app that made it extremely suitable for influencer marketing is its ability to allow everyday users to challenge the influencers. The opportunity to play and communicate with their favorite influencer is something that will entice users and build a special connection.

3. Start a brand ambassador programme

Who will be a better advertisement for your app than its happy user? No one! That’s why you should show him your appreciation by giving him something in return. It doesn’t have to be something material – sometimes all he needs is to feel special and distinguished from the crowd of other app users.

For example Yelp created something called “Yelp Elite”. People being a part of that community are unpaid members that after meeting some requirements are considered “elite”. It’s hard to get in, as not only a loyalty to the brand is measured here, but also a strength of the influence you have on other users. Being an elite Yelp members has got few perks: a new Elite badge at the beginning of each year mentions in Yelp weekly newsletters and invitations to the Yelp Elite events. But when Ellen M has been asked, why she is glad to be an Elite member program, the answer has nothing to do with parties or material glorifications.


“I love to write reviews, but I think the social networking and interaction with Yelp friends is what really compels me to continue. There are certain Yelp reviewers who are so entertaining that I could probably spend an entire afternoon reading their stuff – way better than television.”

People like Ellen are true treasures to a mobile app owner. One of our clients, Togetherdom, have also decided for transforming its faithful app users to brand ambassadors. The application is about connecting local people with each other in order to get help with numerous services, like plumbing or walls painting. Sounds like a perfect occasion for implementing a community leaders initiative! Users who decide for raising awareness about the app and cooperation with a company will get a monthly consultancy fee and will be able to work from home, with extremely flexible hours. Decide how you want to reward your community leaders, as there are many ways to do it – giving them a special free in-app diamonds is also very well seen!

Don’t forget that you are an ambassador of your brand as well! Integrating your app with Social Media is a must nowadays – use it. Post news and interesting pieces of information connected with your app on your social media, share your in-app achievements and other successes and I can assure you, that will pay off.

4. Give your users a true value and make sure they’ll find it

Don’t fill your application website and Social Media channels with your app updates and info only – you will bore your readers this way! Prepare for them useful guides, listings or interviews connected with your app subject matter or a mobile apps market itself. People are finding mobile applications in many different ways that are why your content should be diversified. You need to make a deep research about what are the most common subjects, that your target audience is interested in. For example, write an article about the best mobile apps features – and include inside the one, that your app has got. In that way, someone searching in Google for “best mobile apps features” will encounter your blog and find out about your app! This brings us to another very important matter: SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is one of the main sources of websites traffic. Thanks to the right combination of keywords and their usage in you article you can bring new users to your site straight from their search engines. And remember: the higher your position in the search results is, the better for you! You can further explore that topic on many websites offering SEO guides for beginners like this or that one.

Also app stores optimization and paid advertisement in Google and Social Media channels are matters worth noticing. There is plenty of articles covering those topics online: read them and start implementing tips included there to make your app absolutely impossible to miss!

5. Attend business events and build your company Public Relations image

The Internet is a very powerful marketing tool, but sometimes, you just have to turn your Wifi off and meet your users offline. And that’s amazing! Because the truth is told, there is no better way of actually understanding better people that spend their time and money on using your app than meeting them face to face. Interact and talk with them about events connected with your app: if you have a sports app, go to the biggest runs organized in your city and chat with the runners and organizers. Who knows, maybe some of them already know your app and you will get and excellent feedback opportunity? The rest of them is the perfect target audience for your app, gathered in one place: maybe you will be able to convince them on using your app or even make you an auspice of their future events? You need to try to find out the answers!

It is also very beneficial to create your brand recognizable image. Some companies owe most of their success to its smart and thoughtful PR strategy – Apple is the perfect example here. Go to the events and conferences focused on technology or other topics connected with your app (like Startup Hub meetings – check if you have some in your closest area!) and perform there from an expert position. If you will do it long enough, you and your product will leave a more and more serious, lasting impact on your target audience brains.

Some interesting startup communities include:

CHEW THE FAT – a community of professionals who meet each month for a series of discussions which aim to inspire and motivate early-stage entrepreneurs. Speakers include recognized figures, high-profile entrepreneurs and founders.

MOBILE MONDAY – great for all things mobile: participants can enjoy a selection of live networking events, countless demo products and meetings aiming at discussing trends and sharing ideas from both local and global markets.

MADE FESTIVAL – it covers a wide range of topics and will suit a vast audience. You’ll find here designers and investors but also amazing entrepreneurs and recognized CEOs.

Key takeaway

Whatever you do, however you do it – choose your target audience and ALWAYS adjust your message to them. Honestly, it is truly impossible to overestimate the value of a truly dedicated and faithful app users – the ones that not only use your product with a pure pleasure but will also find it worth sharing with their close ones. If you acquire them, you can open a bottle of champagne – your app success is certain!


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