5 simple tricks to find investors for your app using LinkedIn

Looking for investors is never a simple task to do. You not only need to find someone who is willing to spend his hard-earned money on someone else’s project but also convince him, that it is YOUR idea that deserves being invested in. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, that challenge became much easier nowadays.


Unlock the power of Social Media! If you want to seem attractive and reliable for investors, you can’t appear to them as a ghost who doesn’t even have a Facebook account. Building your personal brand on the Internet can help you a lot while acquiring new investors. And it comes with a pretty small price – all you need is some time and a small portion of good intentions.

When it comes to business, there is one social media platform that counts much more than the others: LinkedIn. With its purpose of connecting the brightest and greatest business minds from all over the world, it will be the best place for you to find your true business partner. Do you need a proof? Dave Gowel has raised $3 million in the three years since he started RockTech, a Cambridge, MA-based enterprise-training platform for cloud technologies. Of the 29 angel investors he’s brought onboard, all of them have one thing in common:

“Every investor relationship I have was influenced by LinkedIn.”

Sounds pretty impressive, right? But what exactly do you have to do to accomplish Gowel’s success? Check these 5 simple tricks on how to find investors for your app using LinkedIn and get one step closer to your mobile app success!


Your LinkedIn profile is like your business card – only much much better! It gives you a better opportunity to present who you really are and build an image of a true professional in your investor’s eyes. Don’t let your profile be boring and empty but simultaneously bear in mind that the quality of everything you post there must be really high.

Set a professional profile photo. Hire an experienced photographer or ask your friends that are aspiring photographers to help you out.

Add media into your summary section. This could be your portfolio of work, specific media pieces you’re interested in, or awards and recognition you’ve received.

It’s not just about you saying how great you are. Let your “digital trophies” and work do the talking for you, too. Ask people you’ve worked with – whether it’s clients, partners, or coworkers – for endorsements and recommendations.

Share other people’s content or try writing something by yourself.

Fill out the “summary” field with 5–6 of your biggest achievements. Use bullets to make this easy to read. Think about your target reader and then paint a picture of how you can make that person’s life easier.

Spend some time on filling as much of your LinkedIn profile as possible – your future investor will definitely read it really thoroughly. Make sure that he will like everything that is included there!

LI profile

Check also The Entrepreneur’s infographic on how to create a perfect LinkedIn profile


LinkedIn connections are far more different than those on Facebook. You don’t need to know everyone you want to reach to in person to receive an invitation acceptance. Use it! Search by terms “private equity” or “impact investor” to find people whose main goal of LinkedIn presence is finding profitable business opportunities.

But don’t stop at sending them an invitation to your network. Attach a personalized note, where you will explain why you are contacting them, and a brief summary of your app idea. Try to be as specific, yet original, as you can – bear in mind that your message will be only another one of hundreds similar that this LinkedIn user receives every month! As best link somehow to that person professional experience, education or hobbies – let them see that your note is not a copy-paste one but something that you wrote especially for them.

Don’t underestimate the power of the people you have met through your life. Look for your friends from high school, university or previous/current job and send them LinkedIn invitations as well. Who knows, maybe they know someone who will be willing to invest in your idea? It’s worth trying because it is proven that the people you don’t know are much more eager to talk to you if they see that you share the same connections in your LinkedIn network.

Another way? Conferences or any other networking opportunities! Get out there and meet people in person. Once you talk to them in real life and build a meaningful connection, you can add them on LinkedIn and the majority of them will accept that connection.

LI networking strategies

LinkedIn networking strategies by Social Media Online Classes


Create your company page if you haven’t done it already. It doesn’t matter, that your product doesn’t exist yet – you should start building your app awareness among your target audience even before it is launched.

Start posting interesting articles, photos and videos considering your app idea, gather followers and write a really compelling description of your company. Distinguish yourself somehow from the crowd: whether you will achieve that by the beautiful design (like Apple does), very diversified content (Evernote) or frequent and high-quality publications (Ready4S). All that matters is staying in your target audience memory for as long as you can.

Generally, try to build a positive buzz around your app idea. When investors will see, that there is already a significant group of people being fans of your app idea, they will be much more eager to give you their money.


There are special groups on LinkedIn dedicated to those who are looking for someone willing to invest in their big mobile app project. The most popular ones are Angel Investors, Angel Investor Group, and the smallest, yet with the biggest potential of building a strong business connection – Impact Investing Group.

Join these groups and engage in conversations that are already existing. Don’t jump with advertising your idea from the very beginning – it may occur to the other group members as SPAM. Consequently, build your image of a true expert when it comes to business opportunities among the others and then present your own idea. We can assure you that if you have done the previous points right, your message will not go unnoticed!

LI groups


As it was mentioned before, ideally, you want to find investors with whom you have a mutual LinkedIn connections. If you can’t find anyone that meets that criteria, you can reach out by upgrading your LinkedIn account to Premium Business.

Doing so will allow you to find more prospects in your searches, directly message people who aren’t already a contact, request introductions via mutual connections, gain access to more search filters, and save search alerts which automatically notify you when new profiles fit your search criteria.

Now you have it: a perfect, 5-ingredients recipe on how to find your mobile app investor using LinkedIn. So what you are waiting for? Go and start hunting for someone who will have as much belief in your app project as you do!

And when you finally find your investor, don’t hesitate to come back to us to develop your app idea. Fill in this form to get a free quote for your app idea.

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