6 creative user acquisition strategies for mobile apps

No app has ever achieved success without a solid user acquisition strategy. After all, it’s users who are your target market and generate revenue from your app. They also serve as social proof to other users who are considering to buy your app. Since the market is full of various apps and games, you need to prepare yourself to face this competition and have a smart user acquisition strategy in place. Here are 6 creative user acquisition strategies to help you develop a successful tactic for your app.


While you’re marketing your app, create a landing page that allows users to subscribe to a special wait-list. This works excellently for any product launch – once you’re ready to release your app to the market, you’ll have a ready database full of engaged users. Reach out to them and you’re bound to generate serious conversions.


Bringing your app to market entails placing it in various app stores. Whether it’s iOS or Google Play, make sure that your app store page makes a great first impression to users who open it. Pick a great name for your app, optimize your icon for mobile devices and use appropriate keywords to drive SEO. There are many factors that come into play here, so make sure that users are able to easily find your game and once they do, your page engages and converts them.


User lifetime value (LTV) basically shows you how much a user is worth to you. Naturally, you should focus on acquiring the most valuable users out there. When considering the LTV, focus on retention, monetization and virality of a user. How much do they spend on an app? How often do they use it? Are they likely to bring in new users by themselves? If you spot one user with a high LTV, you’re probably going to see more of them.


Engaging an influencer is always a good idea. If they review your app, chances are that the popularity of your product will skyrocket in a matter of weeks. Plus, unbiased and independent reviews serve as excellent social proof, generating more interest in your product and ultimately leading to more downloads.


Monitoring app analytics is a key to learning whether your marketing strategy is working. If you fail to properly measure the success of your ad campaigns, you won’t be able to tell which paid acquisition strategies bring you most benefits, leading to actual app installs. These measurements also help to assess whether the cost of acquiring a user makes sense considering their lifetime value.

Which metrics should you focus on? Check which time is best to acquire users, to learn when the peak usage starts and when most loyal users are acquired – you’ll be able to adjust your premiums to acquire exactly these users. Monitor which channels bring in high LTV users and focus on those in your strategy. Naturally, you should always measure your ROI to minimize risk and avoid spending resources on unqualified users.


Make sure to include links to all your social media channels inside your app. This is how you build your community, keeping users updated about your product and its features. Engaged users will find it easy to share your news to their own networks, instantly spreading the word about your app – without any expenses involved! Share exciting visual content like branded images and videos to attract the attention of your audience and use it to your benefit.

Use these 6 creative user acquisition strategies to grow your user base and help your app to explode popularity. Or if you want to learn more about app promotion, check our expert ebook which will help you to boost your app downloads!

Katarzyna Lorenc
Marketing Specialist

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