7 life hacks that will boost your startup to the maximum

It’s almost everyone’s dream to be his/her own boss. Doing only what you want, where you want, and how you want it. But as the popular saying states – “with great power comes a great responsibility”. Roughly 20% of new businesses survive past their first year of operation.

So how to assure your startup success with simultaneously remaining the satisfaction of building something on your own? Check the list below and find out how to boost your startup using a few simple life hacks.


A clue to a successful startup is market research. You need to make sure that there is an actual need for a product that you want to deliver. For example find a service that people uses on an everyday basis and make an app that will make using it more comfortable. Have you heard about Uber and Airbnb? Exactly, those are the apps that became a huge success because they made ordering a taxi and booking a place to sleep much more convenient, safe and clear for the users.

You can also think about the things, that you find missing in the most popular and successful apps and make the one that will fill the gap like Boomerang, Layout or Prisma did. Because remember: even the most beautiful and greatly developed app won’t succeed if the users find it useless.

Uber was founded in 2009 as UberCab by Garrett Camp, the co-founder of StumbleUpon and Travis Kalanick. On New Year’s Eve, Camp spent $800 hiring a private driver with friends and had been mulling over ways to decrease the cost of black car services ever since. He realized that sharing the cost with people could make it affordable, and his idea morphed into Uber. The company is now worth more than 6 billions $.


Even the biggest visionary sometimes needs to be brought back to reality by his team. But only if they are really trustworthy and competent people. Working with someone that will hold you down is a huge waste of time and money, and remember – as a startup entrepreneur YOU are the one who will suffer the consequences.

If you want to boost your startup, try looking for a trusted coworkers among your classmates or childhood friends. Did you know that Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft founders, met when they were just a teenagers? And they created one of the most successful startups ever made!

Go back in time and try to remember, which ones of your acquaintance had a specific set of skills. Who was the best team player? Who always had the most innovative ideas? Which one could you always trust to constructively criticize you? Contact with them, who knows, maybe they will be thrilled to work with you again.

But remember: building a team doesn’t end up with hiring people – they need to feel that everything they do has its higher purpose! Take care of your coworkers, motivate them and make sure they feel like an important part of the team. Create a set of values that will be clear and shared by all of your employees and it will definitely make them more engaged and passionate about work!
Team work


There is no doubt that an app quality is an extremely important part of mobile app development. After all, 79% of consumers will retry a mobile app only once or twice if it fails. And a great number of disappointed users will tell others about their poor experience, either personally (31%) or by leaving a low rating in app stores (26%). You have only one chance to make an impression – use it right!

And what is the best solution to ensure your app will be working smoothly and will meet your client’s expectations? Hiring a dedicated app developer from a software house can be a good choice. By choosing such a proven and experienced candidate, you will save a bunch of time and money that you would spend on looking for a developer by yourself. And guess what, software house will take care of every administrative cost like payroll or leaves. You will pay only for the amount of time, that you developer will be working on your project.

Do you want to learn more about pros and cons of hiring a dedicated app developer from a software house? Check out our guide.


There are some cities and countries that are more startup-friendly than the others. For example, Singapore has the best talents, the Silicon Valley – the best funding and Beijing has got the government that exceptionally supports mobile startups.

Although the place itself can’t guarantee your startup success, it can definitely help you in some matters – especially when it comes to the closeness of the best technical universities in the country or many startups gathered in one area. Consider also opening a few offices of your company in different countries – choose the ones, that your most prospective and faithful clients come from.

Which countries and cities are known as the best startup hubs? Check out!


There are many people in IT world, that instantly associate with a success, despite the company they are currently working in. And it works the other way around, too – the company they are working in becomes much more valuable to the investors and clients. Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg – they could start a company selling a sand in a desert and they would still succeed!

Don’t underestimate the power of contacts! Extend your Linkedin network to the maximum, post there an interesting content, and build your personal brand among other industry leaders by interacting with them. Consider attending TED conferences, as a speaker or other events, where you could build your expert position such as Mobile World Congress or smaller ones, thrown in your city. Invest your time in traveling the world and meeting with various Startup Hubs – who knows, maybe there is something you could learn from them? Implement those pieces of advice and it will definitely pay off, boosting your startup to the maximum!


Did you ever hear about a Pareto principle? It says, that 20 % of your most loyal and engaged customers generate 80 % of your company profits when 80 % of the customers generate the other 20 %. That’s why you should focus on this 20 %! A happy, satisfied customer which feels appreciated by the company he is buying from, is the biggest asset you can have. He can become a true ambassador of your brand, sharing your product through his Social Media channels or praising about it to his friends and family. If you will see an especially active client on your startup Social Media channels or your email, award him somehow – by writing to him a personalized answer or even by giving him a small gift or a promotion.

Recently Microsoft showed a perfect example, of how to take a good care for you clients. When Brand24 CEO, Michał Sadowski, had to send his Surface 4 device (he broke the screen) for repair, his daughter was very sad. To compensate her that, the company sends her a personalized letter, where they explained, that the computer is feeling great and it’s currently on vacation. But it will definitely come back to her soon, to be her play companion again. Sadowski shared this story among his Social Media channels, giving Microsoft a great publicity and a wonderful image of a warm and engaged company. So remember, always appreciate your most loyal and dedicated clients. For you, that’s not much, but for them, it will mean a lot.



You know, that the world doesn’t end on the USA and West Europe? There are huge markets for your app in other continents – especially in Asia or Africa. Heard about WeChat? That’s an app working only in China, but with a country population higher than 1 billion, that’s not a limitation at all! And did you know, that one of the most popular Indian apps is… Swedish? True Caller allows users to share pictures and loop in the same text while chatting with friends. There’s also speed flash messaging capability for distress situations, or during times when one needs to communicate quickly.

Those examples show clearly that discovering markets, which may seem unattractive on the first sight, can bring you a huge success. Especially as working Intercontinental is absolutely no challenge nowadays – with so many tools enabling that (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other Social media channels – they all unlock you the possibility, to conquer with the biggest brands in your target group ) and fast Internet connection, you can operate in almost every place in the world! Do the research, find countries where is a huge demand for your app (conduct a marketing research) and where you will become a true pioneer in your area.

Focusing on getting your money from investors only can be very tricky for a startup. What happens when they back out or they will try to interfere too much with your product? Your startup fails, as no startup can succeed without money and his founder belief in it. To prevent that from happening, set out the marketing and sales teams as soon as you can! When you will start selling your product, you maintain your independence, simultaneously gaining funding to thrive. Remember: your funding should come from your clients – not from investors or business angels, as they won’t be there for you forever. And your clients might be.
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