Best London tech events this fall

The tech world changes very quickly and it is not that easy to keep up with the latest solutions. Your best choice is to attend events dedicated to your industry and learn from the inventors themselves. One of the most important spots of such events is London, the capital of European tech events and start-ups communities. Check our London tech events calendar and chose from a wide range of conferences the ones that best suit your needs.

APPS WORLD LONDON (19-20 October 2016)


Apps World London is a leading event that brings together major players in the global technology ecosystem, with a special emphasis placed on mobile apps.

Attracting marketers and developers, this event is unique because it focuses on the end-to-end process of app conception – from investment and start-up through development, design, and marketing. If you’re interested in groundbreaking technologies, innovative apps and brand new coding techniques, this event is a great pick.

If you’re interested in groundbreaking technologies, innovative apps and brand new coding techniques, this event is a great pick.

This year’s edition will feature Bot World, an event focused on AI technology and Chatbots with contributors from Facebook, Uber, and Microsoft.


VR & AR WORLD (19-20 October 2016)

VR & AR World is a conference held in tandem with Apps World London, allowing you to profit from both events at the same time and place.

The conference and an accompanying exhibition focus on exploring the potential of virtual and artificial reality – the two areas quickly gaining popularity in the last few years.

Among special events exceptionally worth attending you can find the Hackathon, Investor Clinic, Start-Up Pavilion and Creative Content workshops.




This event caters to the LawTech niche. The conference is the first event organized for LawTech Startups, helping them to display their products and technologies to potential investors, but also to government bodies and the legal profession.

Legal Geek Conference programm will include a hackathon and start-up awards, together with a line-up featuring 30+ guest speakers from all over the world. A special scene called Current Champions of the LawTech Startup will be dedicated to showcasing practical demos of tech developed in this niche.


MARTECH EUROPE (1-2 November 2016)


If you are interested in how marketing merges with new technologies, MarTech Europe conference is a choice for you.

The idea behind this event is that today marketing has to partner with IT to get the best results. That’s why MarTech Europe’s goal is to increase understanding of marketing technologies and showing how organizations can effectively integrate them into their marketing strategy and operations.

Among the topics covered you can find best practices for adopting marketing technology merge, APIs and third-party ecosystems surrounding marketing technology platforms and growth hacking techniques for any marketing strategy.


SDD DEEP DIVE (8-10 November 2016)


SDD (Software, Design & Development) Deep Dive conference is a new workshop initiative following SDD conferences in May 2014 and 2015. The main idea behind this event is to focus in-depth on a specific topic rather than attend a great number of different software and design lectures.

During the conference you can choose from six intensive workshops including topics such as creating software architectures, microservices in practice – design, platforms, tools and code, identity & access control for modern web applications & API using ASP.NET Core 1.0, deep diving into the .NET Framework, angular 2 fundamentals or building software for the .NET platform.




MOBILE UX LONDON (25 November 2016)


If you want to improve your app’s User Experience, keep in touch with latest UX trends or learn how to avoid basic mistakes, a great event to attend is the Mobile UX London conference.


This event is London is a monthly meet-up, bringing together people passionate about User Experience. Hosting experts from Google, the Telegraph, IBM, the Guardian and many others, it is a perfect opportunity to learn from the top UX specialists. It is also possible to take part in workshops with experienced enthusiasts of the topic.


UNBOUND (7-8 December 2016)


Themed around innovation and the future of digital, unBound festivals connect brands & global corporations with disruptive technology and creative insights to fuel innovation and growth.

This is the place where global brands and corporations explore macro trends and innovations that can have an impact on theirdigital transformation and ways to build brands in the digital world. If you decide to take a part in

If you decide to take a part in unBound conference, you are sure to get a huge dose of creative technology and consumer insights and meet with potential partners, clients and investors for your start-up.



The next three months look very promising for tech geeks and start-ups owners. Chose the events you like the most and get a huge dose of knowledge and networking opportunities during the best tech conferences in London this fall.

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Katarzyna Lorenc
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