[Case study] How to use an app in your retail marketing strategy? The case of GKN app

Smartphones are becoming more and more popular around the world. In countries like South Korea, Israel or the US the percentage of smartphone cover ranges from 72% to even 88%. No wonder that more and more retailers notice this fact and invest in mobile applications to boost their sales.

So how can an offline shop make use of a mobile app? And how to develop a good retail app? Here are the answers!


Most retailers build a mobile application for two reasons: they want to enable purchases via the app or they treat an app like a virtual loyalty card which makes their customers buy more and come back to their brick-and-mortar store more often. In the case of GKN app, the software developed by Ready4S for the GKN (Główna Księgarnia Naukowa, Main Scientific Bookstore) in Cracow, Poland, the latter was a case.

GKN’s goal was to make their loyalty program easier and more convenient for the customers. They know that their clients, especially the younger generations, don’t want to carry a set of loyalty cards everywhere with them and that they are afraid of giving their personal details at a store because they don’t want to get tons of marketing messages afterward. So instead of a regular loyalty card, still popular in many retail shops, they went for a mobile app.


The GKN mobile app has achieved a great success on the local market. It has almost 5.000 downloads and was well-received by its users who praise it for transparency, simplicity, and functionality. It also gets high reviews in Google Play app store – on average 4,2 stars.

But why the GKN app has proven to be so successful? And how to create a perfect retail mobile app? We asked Wojciech Satoła, one of the GKN co-owners and Piotr Bosak, GKN IT Manager to share their views.

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