[Case study] How to create a popular religious app?

Tradition and religion may seem to be at variance with new technologies and trends. But in fact, religious believers from all over the world have more and more apps connected with their faith to choose from.


At the beginning of the September, the biggest Catholic online medium in Poland, Deon.pl, listed top 5 religious mobile apps indispensable in each Catholic smartphone. And we are proud to announce that at the top of this list you can find an app developed by Ready4S – JP2.

Check the story behind its success.



The JP2 application was created on the occasion of canonization of the pope John Paul II in memory of the saint and his Gospel teaching. Through the mobile application, the Centre for Thought of John Paul II in Warsaw wants to promote the thoughts, homilies and writings of the Polish pope with the use of new technologies.

The mobile app is an especially good way to stimulate the memory of John Paul II among the younger generation who is fond of interactive ways to learn new things. It is also a very interesting solution for those who don’t have much time for a moment of reflection throughout the day and would like an app to remind them to have a break.



The JP2 app includes several interesting functionalities. The basic feature is an interactive library which not only gives you an access to a great number of readings of the day and thoughts of John Paul II but also displays the “Quote of the Day” which can inspire to have a moment of reflection. Users can also create their own personalized list of favourite quotes and share it with family and friends.

Another feature of the application is a daily schedule made up of five tasks which, when achieved, bring the user closer to John Paul II, provide peace and spiritual development. The schedule consists of 26 days to celebrate 26 years of the pope’s pontificate and the tasks can only be done in the day which they are assigned to so a user can really focus on his religious development for a longer period and possibly set up a new habit.


The JP2 application has already received very good feedback from its users and has already been downloaded over 50.000 times. Judging from this huge success, it seems that there is a market niche for religious apps and many people actually want to use their mobile devices to boost their faith and spiritual life.


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Katarzyna Lorenc
Marketing Specialist

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