How to develop an app when you have the great idea but lack money

Idea is the most powerful part of every start-up. It inspires you and brings your mobile application to life. However, as the mobile app market is getting more and more competitive with 2,2 millions of apps available only in Google Play store, the great idea may not be enough to achieve success. You may need a lot of time and money to develop an app, test it and launch an appealing marketing campaign. Try our 5 tips to develop a mobile application when you lack time and money.


Do you know what the most efficient way to reduce costs is? A perfect business plan with an estimated budget! Don’t think it is obvious – a lot of people write down a simple list of bullet points and don’t count the costs at all. Make sure you don’t make that mistake and focus on your business plan with care.

Do a thorough analysis of the market – other apps and your competitors can be good benchmarks. What’s more, remember that you create an app for its users so you should get to know your target audience as well as possible. Don’t forget about counting the costs too – check the market, create a monetization strategy and have some extra money in your budget for unexpected expenses.


Creating a mobile application when you have a lot of money to invest is simple. However, developing your app idea when you lack funds is also possible to complete. Start-ups are currently fashionable and a lot of investors can pair with you to create a success story.

A lot of young entrepreneurs decide to ask for help of such investors, called angels who invest in your project in return to shares in your revenue. Some mobile app development companies, including Ready4S, also help start-ups by cutting off the development costs in return to shares in your project.

Another way to rise money is to use crowdfunding – ask Internet community to support your idea with a small amount of money. The websites you can try are for example Kickstarter or Indiegogo.


Mobile app development is a key to achieve a success in the competitive mobile app market. An experienced developer knows how to create a product of a high quality and appealing design which will amaze your users. However, as the mobile app development market is very broad, there are also companies that don’t offer the best value and expertise.

If you have little money, it may be tempting to choose a young, cheap developer who promises miracles. Don’t make that mistake! You should always check your developer’s qualifications and portfolio before you decide on him. Check mobile app developers rankings like AppFutura or Clutch and find out if your collaborator has the necessary knowledge and abilities.


Every time a ground-breaking invention was made, it was preceded by a prototype. This rule work well for the mobile applications too. Such mobile app prototype, maximally refined and operational version of your application with limited functionality and more versatility in the field of future development, is called Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Why is it important to create it? Well, MVP can save a lot of your time and money. Think about ways to log in to your app – are you sure that e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ buttons are all inevitable for launching the app? By creating just one way to log in you can cut off on developers work, get your app over two times quicker to the market and save up to 70% of development costs. If the additional functionalities are really needed, you can still ad them later after your app starts to give revenue.


No app can achieve an instant success without a well-prepared marketing campaign. This doesn’t matter that you have to spend half of your budget on advertisements though. As the best medium to get audience to download your app is the Internet, you can always use some free tools that this medium enables.

A good point to begin your marketing journey is to pre-plan the marketing campaign in 7 steps. Creating an appealing website for your app is always a good idea. You can also use content marketing and social media to let your potential users get to know your offer. Boost your online presence and you won’t regret.

Try our tips to develop a mobile app and make sure your great idea comes true. If you have more questions concerning mobile app development, feel free to contact us. Book a free and confidential 20 minute app consultation and drive your app idea to success.

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