How to reach 1 million app downloads?

One of the most important questions in mobile application industry is how to boost the number of the app downloads. No wonder – downloads result in increasing your app’s revenue. They also bring you an additional value of winning your app a higher position in app stores which makes it recognizable and downloaded even more often. How to find the Holly Grail of mobile application market? Check out our bulletproof tips.


Have you ever wondered why some apps reach the top of downloads in their first day? That’s because of a pre-launch campaign they were preceded with. What can you do to boost your launch campaign effects?

  • Start early – let people know as soon as possible that you’re working on an app that will solve a problem or address a need.

  • Keep your audience updated – use content like blog posts or press releases to let people know how the development process is going. That’s how you create a sense of anticipation.

  • Create a landing page with an opt-in form – that’s where users will subscribe for your launch. Drive traffic to your landing page using your homepage and social channels.


You have surely heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is used to improve your position in Google. Did you know, however, that you can use a similar technique called ASO (App Store Optimization) to boost the number of your downloads in app stores? Try the following tips or read our 7 great tips for app store optimization.

  • Start by presenting a clear value proposition – list all your features and add social proof such as media reviews or rewards. If your app made it to the top in a category, be sure to mention it.

  • Include relevant keywords to help your app rank higher. Conduct a keyword analysis to learn which keywords people use to find apps similar to yours.

  • Always search for new keywords and test them to check which ones increase your app downloads.


App ratings and reviews naturally increase app discovery and organic downloads. Apps that boast many reviews and high ratings will rank higher than other apps in the same category. This means it is very important to get as many 5 stars rates and good reviews as possible. How to get them?

  • Ask users for their opinion via the app – if their experience is positive, ask them for a review.

  • If they seem to be dissatisfied with your app, direct them to an email address or other way of contact for leaving feedback.

  • You can also ask your trusted network to share their thoughts in honest reviews – especially
    your beta testers who know more about your app than anyone else.


Like these tips? Want to know more? You can find all of our 10 bulletproof strategies for reaching 1 million app downloads plus a bonus tip from the Clutch expert in our free ebook. Try all of them and your app may quickly be found among top 10 applications in Google Play and App Store.

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