[Case study] Smart homes – how are they created?

Ever wondered how smart home devices are made? What is needed to conduct home automation? And how you can control all the devices that make your everyday life easier? Well, we’ve got good news for you – we have answers for all your smart home questions.


Although many people still think smart homes are a distant future or get amazed by Mark Zuckerberg’s home automation system, in fact, such solutions already exist and are doing well. As a mobile applications producer, we also have such smart home solutions in our portfolio.

ExtaFree and ExtaLife, for which we developed the apps, are both advanced smart home systems created by Polish company Zamel. They combine a great number of various devices and technologies in one intelligent smart home solution and allow to wirelessly control and check the status of many electrical appliances in an easy and user-friendly way.


To help you understand how smart home technologies work and how they are created, we’ve recently visited the Zamel’s factory, where ExtaFree and ExtaLife systems are built.

The Zamel company is a pioneer in smart home technologies in Poland and their employees helped us to show how the production process looks like. We hope the short footage we made in their headquarters will help to answer all your smart home questions.

Without further notice, join us for a walk among robots, production lines and the highest technologies – everything that is used to make a perfectly working smart home.

Daniel Mofina
Content Designer
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