Making a profit or an impact? – how Ready4S has become a local partner of one of the most poignant charity campaigns in Europe

Running a successful company is not only about pursuing profitThe Noble Box project logo. Despite being fully engaged in company’s growth and improving our services, we still follow our beliefs and want to truly change the society and the world we live in.

That’s why this year we decided to support Szlachetna Paczka (The Noble Box) project again. This time we have become a proud sponsor of one of the quarters in the heart of Cracow (Poland), where our main office is located.


The Big Idea


The Noble Box is a Polish, nationwide charity project established in 2001 in order to provide unprivileged families with aid during Christmas time. In 2015 alone, the Noble Box project brought together more than 1 000 000 people and the combined aid value reached over 11 million USD.

The big idea of the project is to help wisely – in an effective, specific and meaningful way, but also to bring hope and motivation to people who struggle to make ends meet. Each year hundreds of thousands of donors prepare dedicated gift boxes for families in need.


How it works
– First, the volunteers identify unprivileged families, visit them and ask about their needs. There are more that 12 000 volunteers involved who work locally in the quarters.
– Then, the Noble Box team starts a nationwide campaign which aim is to encourage private donors to address the specific needs of the poor families from their cities or neighborhoods.
– Between 10 and 11 December, the donors deliver complete boxes to the Noble Box’s warehouse and afterwards the gifts are delivered by volunteers directly to the chosen families.

That’s where the magic happens! The boxes are usually welcomed with enormous happiness and excitement, words of gratitude or simply…lack of words and tears of joy.


Think global, act local – how we do participate this year


As we truly support the beautiful idea of the Noble Box project, this year we participated on a larger scale than ever. We have become a proud, local sponsor of Kazimierz quarter – the part of Cracow (Poland), where our main office is situated.

What does it mean for us to be a local sponsor of the Noble Box project?

– Taking care of our vicinity

– Feeling that we are a part of something really important

– Supporting volunteers and giving them tools to find and help families in need

– Bringing local societies together

– Giving the Noble Box project the power to make more and more impact on our country

– Standing for what we believe in

– Unforgettable experience and joy of helping others


What we have learned – It’s simply all about being responsible for people around you and making a positive impact. That’s the most important conclusion we want to share with you.

The Noble Box Project

The Noble Box Project

The Noble Box Project




For most of us December is a joyful time of Christmas season, full of love, giving and getting presents, Christmas lights in the streets and cozy, calm evenings spent with our families. Sadly, it’s not such wonderful time for everyone. Many people around us suffer from poverty and worry about such things as not having enough money to pay the bills, buy food to feed their children or heat their houses to make it through the winter. For them Christmas is one of the toughest parts of the year and it  only reminds them about their poor economic situation and makes them feel lonely. That’s why it’s so important not to be indifferent to people’s misery and make something good for Christmas!


You can support the Noble Box project hereTogether we can achieve more! Let’s make the world a better place!


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Michał Kowalski
Marketing Manager

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