Mobile Payments: Everything You Need to Know

Mobile Payments Infographic

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How mobile apps changed the way we do sports

One way in which mobile apps have invaded our daily lives is physical activity. Many people fail to find motivation for sports unless they’re reminded to have their morning jog by apps like Endomondo. Here are 4 critical ways in which mobile apps radically changed how we do sports.

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Personal area networks in app development

Mobile devices are almost all about connectivity. When you take a photo, it’s not unusual, that you want to share it in some way – for example on social media platform. Most of the time, to perform such activities connected with sharing, you need to have a connection with internet.

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How beacons can boost your in-store sales

If there’s one technology that is bound to take the brick-and-mortar retail experience to the next level, it’s beacons. Here we present some great ways in which beacons can seriously improve your in-store sales.

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