[QUIZ] Are you a true mobile geek? Check yourself!

Did you know that there are 2,32 smartphone users around the world? That’s one-third of the entire Earth population! For 68 % of us, smartphone users, our mobile device is the first thing that we check in the morning. And it’s not enough for us to sleep and wake up next to our phone – we still check it approximately 150 times a day! But how much do we truly know about our smartphones?

How much do you know about mobile technologies?

Creating such a complicated device as a smartphone is not easy. For example, without mobile applications, our device is completely useless. We can’t check our way back home when we miss the bus, talk with our friends with seeing their faces or even take a photo – our camera works thanks to an application as well! But Mobile Apps are not the only aspect of smartphones that makes it our closest friend.
We prepared for you a quiz that will check your level of expertize in 5 areas crucial for mobile technologies:

  • Mobile Applications
  • App User Experience/User Interface
  • Android and iOS
  • New technologies – Virtual and Augmented Realities
  • App Publishing and Marketing

Are you ready? Show us that no one knows as much about mobile technologies as you do!

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