[QUIZ] How big is your app idea potential?

Coming up with an app idea is a very exciting feeling. You are lying in your bed, riding a car, watching tv – and then BAM: you just know that you have invented something that will revolutionize the world forever. Before you notice, you are already trying on black turtle-necks, believing that you are Steve Jobs’ reincarnation. The joy and excitement fulfill you to such an extent that you can’t stand a second longer of not making your app idea a reality. So what should you do now?


It may sound harsh but you are not the only one experiencing that feeling right now. According to AppFigures report, in 2016 there were 1,3 million new apps in Google Play Store and 1,1 million in iOS App Store – which gives respectively around 3500 and 3000 new app released EVERY DAY.

That’s a lot, right? And how often do you hear about some app achieving a huge success? Definitely, it’s not happening on a daily basis. Conclusion? Many of those app ideas just weren’t as good as their owners thought they will be. And there is nothing sadder than seeing that your beloved app has not been downloaded even ONCE – although unfortunately, that happens to more than 400k apps just sitting and rotting in a Google Play Store right now.


Fortunately, we prepared for you a quiz which will help you evaluate your app idea in a quick and entertaining way. By answering our questions, you may avoid spending your time and money on something that could become an utter failure. But it’s also the other way around: this quiz may help you to make sure that your app idea is truly innovative and worth pursuing. So, are you ready? Let’s begin!

Izabela Majocha
Marketing Specialist
A journalist by education, a Marketing and PR enthusiast by choice. Fascinated by an IT world, especially by storytelling, gamification and their applications in technology. In my free time, I play indie games, cook and watch tons of TV series. 

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