Top start-up communities in the UK

If you’re a part of the start-up world, there’s nothing more important than networking as it helps entrepreneurs to stay on the leading edge of new tech and business trends. Attending events dedicated to your industry and talking to fellow participants helps to identify the best practices in your field and allows to learn from industry experts. Connecting with other professionals also opens up new opportunities for collaborations and partnerships.

It wouldn’t be smart to miss out on all that, right? Here’s our list of top tech communities and events in the UK you should be attending this year.


made162This is UK’s pioneering entrepreneurial event which has in time become a critical point in the calendar of every start-up and enterprise. Made Festival covers a wide range of topics and will suit a vast audience. You’ll find here designers and investors but also amazing entrepreneurs and recognized CEOs.

Aiming to educate and inspire early stage entrepreneurs and established business owners, Made Festival offers plenty of practical advice from industry insiders to help others grow their businesses.

This year Made Festival takes place on November 8th.



bigdataThis is a classic gathering. Big Data London is simply Europe’s largest Big Data community. It brings together tech professionals from different fields who share one thing – they’re really into Big Data. If you’re working with Big Data and are on the lookout for the freshest industry practices and new technologies, this event is for you.

When in London, make sure to attend one of their regular meetups, too – they cover the most innovative subjects and technologies, from Hadoop and Apache Cassandra to web apps, data analytics, fintech apps and storage.

Want to take part? The event is held on November 3rd.



mobile-mondayOriginally from Helsinki, this historic event is now organized in more than 100 cities all over the world, including London.

Great for all things mobile: participants can enjoy a selection of live networking events, countless demo products and meetings aiming at discussing trends and sharing ideas from both local and global markets. Start-up founders and tech professional can also network here with CIOs, designers, developers and product managers from different sectors.

The next UK Mobile Monday will be hosted in Britstol and the main focus will be on the technologies surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT).



gew-united-kingdomThis event is probably the biggest global celebration of entrepreneurship. 35,000 events which are part of the Week happen in 16 countries and bring together a smashing 10 million of attendees.

Most importantly, the UK event is a hub for business angel organizations and networks – which makes it an excellent place for start-up founders to start looking for investment.

The events aim to educate tech entrepreneurs about the global ecosystem and the benefits it offers to start-up owners.



digital-leadersThere are over 5.4 million small businesses in the UK, generating an annual turnover of £1.8 trillion. Still, many of them aren’t embracing the opportunities offered by digitization.

Digital Leaders is a global initiative which aims to develop a space for leaders in different sectors for promoting digital transformation. It boasts a community of a 100,000 senior leaders who leverage technology to promote economic growth.

Focused on digital transformation, leading change, and digital leadership, the network runs over a 100 events, salons and conferences every year in the UK. If you want to know where the digital world is headed, this is the best place to be.



tdc-mcr-avatarThinking Digital is considered one of the UK’s top tech conferences – the line-up is simply amazing. This vibrant conference returns to Manchester this year, bringing speakers from all over the globe to inspire local tech communities with fresh thoughts and perspectives.

The second edition of the event on October 11th attracted over 300 participants. Make sure to attend the next one – it’s definitely worth it!



chew-the-fatThis is a community of professionals who meet each month for a series of discussions which aim to inspire and motivate early-stage entrepreneurs. Speakers include recognized figures, high-profile entrepreneurs and founders.

The central goal of these events is to “get to the meat of the matter” and avoid talking about generic topics. Have a look at their website to check out previous talks and mark the next event in your calendar – you won’t be disappointed.



small-business-saturday-uk-2016-logo-blue-250If you need some inspiration as Christmas approaches, Small Business Saturday is a top pick. The event held on December 3rd is perfect for small start-ups which are based on online, but also offline services or products. Business service providers and small manufacturers will find plenty of support here.

It is worth to mention that Small Business Saturday is considered a major event in the UK enterprise calendar. Over 75% of UK councils actively participate in the event, helping attendees to make their way through the bureaucratic meanders of entrepreneurship.

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Whether you’d like to update your knowledge about cutting-edge technologies, or network with professionals from your sector, these 8 communities are bound to help you grow your business and open your mind to new opportunities.

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Katarzyna Lorenc
Marketing Specialist

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