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Our Mission


Taking care of the quality of IT outsourcing


Vocational activation through teaching of programming new technologies


Promoting and supporting innovation ideas in the society and economy


Popularization of IT outsourcing in Poland and abroad

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We offer free access to the unique resources and knowledge, such as tutorials or guide books.


We provide free app development consulting for everyone.


We support startups and entrepreneurs in finding the best business solutions.


We inspire and promote innovation ideas in the society and economy.

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Meet the Team

Radosław Tosnowiec
Radosław Tosnowiec

Radosław for the last 10 years has been forming rapidly growing businesses in IT and finance industries. He has been working for brands such as Deloitte, Mazars, Valeo and Fiat.

Radosław Tosnowiec
Mateusz Stanuszek

Mateusz is the president of the foundation and he is mainly responsible for taking care of its goals - especially in IT outsourcing quality preservation area. He has big experience and knowledge in coordinating IT projects as he is also a Technical PM at Ready4S Team.

Przemysław Frączek
Przemysław Frączek

Przemysław has 15 years of experience in IT projects and cooperation with clients such as Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Crédit Agricole and Roche.