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What questions should I ask while choose an app developer ?

Finding good and reliable partner to develop an app is crucial and you have to chooise him wisely.

Discover how can you check the qualifications and what question you should ask your app developer to figure out if he is your best choice.

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How can my app make money ?

Generating revenue with your app should be your most important goal.

Learn few rules how to build monetization strategy and find solutions which will allow your app to make money for you.

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How to keep my idea confidential ?

The protection of intellectual property is the key to build competetive product.

See how effectively protect your idea, what is an NDA and why it is worth signing it.

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How to save up to 50% of my budget at the start ?

You don't have to waste your time and money any more.

Learn how important is to validate your investment idea and build reliable and economical MVP. At the end it can help you save a significant part of your budget.

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How to avoid 5 most common mistakes in monetization strategy ?

Everyone's heard about common mistakes in monetization strategy, but only few can avoid them.

Find out how to make your business growth and learn from others experience.

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Should I develop an iOS or Android app ?

Choosing your app platform can be a tricky task. You have to get to know basic differences between them and consider many factors such as demographic, development speed and cost or release cycle.

Let as tell you about main differences between iOS and Android app developing and decide which platform is the best choice for you.

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Meet the professionals

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Radosław Tosnowiec

Jakub Hyła

Skilled programmer and Android developer with long experience, who is also effective marketing specialist.

  • marketing analysis

  • programming

  • business advisory

  • project management

Radosław Tosnowiec

Radosław Tosnowiec

Efficient manager with 10 years experience in forming businesses in IT and finance industries.

  • monetization strategy

  • user aquisition

  • business analysis

  • product strategy

Przemysław Frączek

Mateusz Stanuszek

Very talented and challenging project manager, who delivers even the most difficult projects on time.

  • project management

  • product strategy

  • innovative solutions

  • new technologies

We have created many success stories:

  • AutoCentrum
  • Roche
  • Coca Cola
  • Credit Agricole
  • BookApart
  • Gannet
  • click edu
  • Centrum myśli JP2
  • Kredyty Chwilówki
  • game day sky
  • Roche
  • Coca Cola
  • Smartzilla
  • Travel by Art
  • główna księgarnia naukowa
  • grupa ptr
  • Zamel
  • sheel
Maciej Zając

Thanks to Ready4S' expertise and skills we could do anything we wanted to do. They are people of great spirit and willingess to do the extra mile for clients.

- Maciej Zając - CEO Sportfolio

Beata Misiewicz

The Ready4S team is a great partner as far as implementation of mobile startups is concerned. I would recommend it!

- Beata Misiewicz CEO Ermellino Sp. z o.o.

Dariusz Kwakszys Gannet

As a Norwegian company, our first priority is high quality. The application was delivered on time and within the stated budget.

- Dariusz Kwakszys Project Manager Gannet Guard System SA

Margolin Angepasst

The team had understood the requirements immediately and produced very attractive and professional UX. Communication and issues follow up was always very fast and productive.

- Sergeu Margolin - Owner of Selfsurvey

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