New York Times

„Twentieth-century Paris was renowned for its literary and cultural figures, and now visitors and residents alike can see the city through their eyes with a new iPhone application called TravelbyArt.”

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The Sidly-Care system includes medical grade silicon plastic wristbands with multiple on-board functions and a continuous wireless monitoring system that sends readings wirelessly to facility and system computers or mobile devices.”

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The Irish Times

„If you fancy walking in the footsteps of Picasso, Fitzgerald and Piaf, a new iPhone app called TravelbyArt is just the ticket.”

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„If you’re interested in art, literature and music, and planning a trip to Paris, I recommend TravelbyArt. I found it easy to use, loaded with information you will want to discover, and it’s a fresh approach to travel.”

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„Thanks to Eurofleet application fleet owners are able to obtain information about tasks completed by their employees”

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„It is vital for many companies to effectively manage not only machines and vehicles but also employees. Stoppages, prolonged interruptions or inadequate coverage of the area contribute to the reduction of the company’s potential and reduce the profits. For most of these problems the answer can be a suitable mobile application.”

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[During the 2014 edition of the competition] the HDEF application was activated 250 times a day on average.”

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“HDEF app promotes outdoor activities and supports charities in five Polish cities.”

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