App development processFrom your idea to reality in 90 days

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Your app is built in best quality as the entire process is focused on it. That means that code review and QA testing is integrated thorough the whole development cycle.
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You're able to release your app very fast as working in Agile allows us to deploy quickly a basic version of working software.
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The process is as flexible as you need it to be. Our work and engagement is always adjusted to your needs so you'll never loose the control and sense of ownership of your project.
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Your get full-stack dedicated team assigned directly to your project, which gives you the possibility to work closely with them, without information pollution.

Fast, simple, flexibleHow it works in practice

1. Concepting & strategy

  • Product & idea consultations
  • Needs & requirements outline
  • App vision & strategy
Product & idea consultation
Firstly, we need to get a deeply understanding of what you want to build. Once we do it, we’d be happy to share our thoughts and experience with you. Together we’ll shape your idea into something more.
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Needs & requirements outline
We'll discuss and outline your app's key features and must-have solutions. Once we determine it, we’ll be able to give you a general idea about the pricing, schedule and the strategy.
App vision & strategy
In a cooperation with our Business Analyst we’ll set up a perfect strategy for your app. It’ll definitely help a lot with achieving your business goals.

2. Prototyping

  • App flow & architecture
  • Interactive Prototype
App flow & architecture
Based on app strategy we created , we’ll move to mapping the flow of your app. It’ll help you to see how the app will work and if it meets your needs and expectations.
Interactive Prototype
It will show you how your app will be working before we even start the development. For you it will be the great tool to get the very first validation of your concept from clients or investors, for us - a solid ground to move to the development part.

3. Building

  • Stunning graphic design
  • Efficient development
  • Testing
Stunning graphic design
Our UX/UI designers will prepare colors, icons and the whole visual identity of your app to ensure your app great look. After your acceptance we’ll move to development part.
Efficient development
Thanks to agile methodology your product will be released really fast. After each iteration (1-2 weeks) you’ll get another piece of your app to test it, make improvements and give some feedback.
Our developers will conduct a thorough code review to make sure, that your app is bug and errors free. Your app will be also deeply checked by our Quality Assurance testers.

4. Deployment

  • App Stores release
  • Support & Maintanance
  • Iterating and improving
App Stores release
We will make your app live. Adding your app to app stores right requires a lot of experience and professional knowledge - we will take care of that for you.
Support & Maintanance
We won’t forget about you the second your app project is done. You can count on our support & maintenance services, including adding new features and fixing bugs.
Iterating and improving
An app without updates will die. To avoid that, we are eager to help you with your app evolving even after it’s release, by adding new functionalities and reacting on users’ and market feedback.

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