August 3, 2017


Becoming a mobile app owner is a dream of many young entrepreneurs. After all, which product gives you such a strong feeling of security of a market success as this one? With a mobile apps income predicted to reach $77 billion in 2017 – nearly none.

But many people think that if they cannot code, the mobile app market doors are shut for them forever. WRONG! Did you hear about Steve Jobs? Stupid question – of course, you did, or you had to live under a rock over the last few years. The co-founder of Apple, the third most valuable company in the USA according to Fortune 500 (with Walmart on a first place and Berkshire Hathaway on a second) didn’t EVER code.

As Steve Wozniak claims:

“He wasn’t an engineer and he didn’t do any original design, but he was technical enough to alter and change and add to other designs.”

But the lack of programming skills didn’t stop Jobs from building one of the most profitable companies in the history. So why should it stop you? After reading our 5 excellent ways to create an app even if you cannot code, you will convince yourself, that you CAN become a mobile owner – even if you don’t know the difference between Angular.js and Node.js. Enjoy!


You didn’t expect that one coming, right? But honestly, we can’t go further if we won’t cover that one up. One of the biggest mobile apps owners problems is that their apps are used… just by them and their closest ones. So, in case you don’t have thousand of friends, cousins, and uncles – that is not enough.

Before starting transforming your app idea into a reality – think that decision REALLY closely through. Make a market research to make sure that the problems that your app solves aren’t issues just for you. For example, if you are making a financial app, speak to your friends working in banks, insurance companies, or any other ones (finances bothers every industry!) and ask them: what issues do you have that could be simply solved by a mobile app? And then fulfill that need!

Having enthusiasm and a feeling of discovering something epic isn’t enough – you need to confront yourself with the possible users of your app. Otherwise, you will end up with a sad, forgotten application with zero downloads on its account. And trust us – there are more apps like that than you thought. As the reports show, there are around 400 thousand (!!!) of applications in AppStore that have never been downloaded. So once again – think your idea carefully through before you will spend your money on something that won’t pay off at all.

Number of available apps in the Apple App Store from July 2008 to January 2017 by Statista

OK, so you’ve decided that despite our warnings you really want to create a mobile app? Wonderful! In that case, without further interruptions, check these 5 excellent ways to make an app even if you cannot code.


If you have a goal of becoming the next Jobs – you need to find your Wozniak. But where to find a business partner that will be a truly reliable and dedicated one? And most of all – will have outstanding programming skills? Take a closer look at your friends and family. Maybe your sister/brother have just finished their programming studies and are looking for a job? It is proven that working with your siblings is a really great idea, as being raised by the same parents results in sharing the same work ethic. And no doubts, sharing the same values with your business partners is truly crucial when it comes to starting a new company.

Don’t you have any brilliant programming minds in your closest circle? Start attending IT network events and coworking spaces. Jillian Darlington, a founder of the MomCo app, met her business partner on HeraHub, an online networking community that offers coworking space for women. They have clicked out immediately and created together a very successful mobile app. So do the research and find out whether there are any meetings of that kind in your area. There aren’t any close to you? Don’t be afraid to travel! Check this list of 10 networking events you should not miss and join these groups to make sure that nothing will slip through your hands.


If you can’t find a business partner, maybe just stop looking for a single human and decide for a whole group! Outsourcing your app idea to a software house is definitely not as scary as it sounds – we have already covered that topic here.

It’s also much more secure than hiring a freelancer as the software house is obliged to sign an NDA with you and give you a guarantee on their services – at least the good one definitely should. NDA protects your idea from being stolen, guarantee ensures that you won’t end up with a bugged app – sounds great right? It is – so let’s add even more ingredients to that perfect recipe like years of experience, professional knowledge and a portfolio filled with many successfully developed apps.

And what do you get in the end? A beautifully designed, perfectly working and corresponding with the latest trends mobile app.

Wondering how it’s all possible? Check this video explaining how the mobile app development process looks like:


The Internet is filled with advertisements from really talented developers that would love to create a mobile app for you. Go to services like UpWork, Freelancer, or Peopleperhour and let them know that you have an awesome app idea that you want to bring up to a reality.

But be careful and take a respective amount of your time to check those developers portfolio, experience and if possible – their communication skills and work ethic. Money isn’t the most important factor here as if you base your decision just on the lowest bid, you may end up with someone who won’t return your emails/calls and won’t dedicate himself to your app truly. And that’s definitely not worth your time and nerves! Let’s also be honest here – how you will be able to check your freelancer competencies if you cannot code? Guess we agree here – you won’t.


Body leasing is like hiring a freelancer on steroids. By choosing that option, you eliminate every con of hiring a self-employed with simultaneously gaining a few extra pros.

Examples? First of all, you don’t need to look for a developer for yourself – a software house that you want to “borrow” a developer from will do that for you! They already have many talented and proven programmers on board so all they have to do is to find the one perfect for your project and just “hand it over” to you. And of course, they will take care of every administration and legal issues so that’s another issue off of your head. And those things are just the top of the iceberg of the pros that hiring a dedicated app developer have.


If your app is really simple and intended for a very narrow audience (like for example your friends and family), you can create it by yourself without ANY programming knowledge! There are certain tools available to build your own mobile app online.

But remember – they will only help you with making generic and simple mobile apps. You won’t conquer the world mobile market with them. Nevertheless, they can help you with creating the “backbone” of your future app to make your idea more understandable to other developers.

These are a few examples of that kind of tools:


Mobile apps market isn’t restricted for programmers only. To make a successful app you need to fulfill various additional features like building a clever marketing strategy or managing your employees’ work. Do you know how many talented programmers won’t ever achieve a great success because they don’t have skills to do that? That’s why they need you as much as you need them!

And don’t ever let yourself think that if you cannot code you can’t succeed in an IT world. Of course, you can! Because as the most successful non-programmer CEO of the IT company ever said:

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs

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