July 18, 2016


When you are creating a marketing plan for your app, it is very important to use the Internet as one of the main media of your campaign. That’s because in the Internet your potential users are just one click from downloading your app. One of the best and easiest ways to grab users attention in the net is publishing pictures and infographics. Here we present 5 great and free tools which help you to master infographic creation in a few minutes.


Recently a promising startup, today Canva is among the best-known tools for creating simple graphics in the Internet. Your experience begins with the “23 Second Guide to Beautiful Design” and in just a few moments you are able to create a professional-looking graphic for social media, blogs, posters, presentations, business cards and much more. Canva provides you with ready templates with dimensions already set so you don’t have to wonder if your graphic fits Facebook standards. The tool includes thousands of free templates and drawings but if it is not enough, you can always choose from a wide set of cheap paid graphics too.


If you opt for a tool strictly connected with infographics, a simple and easy to use choice will be Venngage. This tool allows you to choose among thousands of templates, themes, charts, maps and icons to create an appealing graphs and charts and publish them on the spot. What’s more, you can add your own images and backgrounds to best suit your needs and goals. It is also possible to customize the existing templates by changing the fonts and colours and even to animate the chosen theme. The tool can be used both for social media posts or other forms of promotion and for beautifully-designed reports and business presentations.


Looking for a really advanced yet easy to use tool? One of the best looking and most sophisticated applications on our list is called Piktochart. The tool is worth trying because it combines the advanced features such as well-categorized icons, resizeable canvas, a wide range of charts, and interactive maps with very simple and intuitive interface. Full of templates and graphics of high design quality and over 400 fully customizable themes, Piktochart can be treated as a professional designing software. If you want to truly exploit the potential behind Piktochart, it may be a good idea to switch from free to paid Pro account.


Do you need a tool that creates not only good-looking graphics but also precise graphs and charts? Try Infogr.am. This free and easy to use tool enables you to customize all the data in a spreadsheet similar to this from Excel. Every time you edit the data, the visualisation also changes so you don’t need to worry that you forget or miscalculate anything. The quality of the tool was even appreciated by such well-known organizations as Euronews, University of Cambridge and Huffington Post. However, it should be noticed that Infogr.am is a strictly infographics application and doesn’t include a large variety of templates or an image library so you need to be prepared to upload your own images.


If you want to create a resume of a company, project or your work experience, you may find it interesting to use Vizualize.me, an Interent application that “visualize your resume in one click”. Once you log in to your email or Linkedin account, you can create an easy and appealing infographics, selecting from a wide range of themes, timelines, charts and maps. With over 500,000 infographics created, Vizualize.me is considered as one of the best infographics maker, especially for resumes.

An appealing graphics is one of the basis of a great marketing campaign. We hope you will find the above mentioned tools useful and easy to learn. Good luck!

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