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Feeling like you have lost control over your app is the worst one ever. After all, it is YOUR idea, your money, and your responsibility if anything goes wrong. No wonder then, that so many people are afraid of outsourcing their app development process somewhere else. This may be one of the reasons, why 90% of startups fail – the irrational fear of passing some of the control to someone else, even though, you know you are not able to do everything right by yourself.

But is outsourcing really something you should be afraid of? No – but only if you do that smart! This process has many faces and it’s much safer than many people think – for example, you can hire a dedicated app developer, who will be working for you, and you only for a set period of time. Below we will present you some common myths connected with outsourcing.

MYTH #1: Your idea will be stolen and implemented by someone else

If you decide for outsourcing for one of the EU, OECD or/and WTO countries, your idea is completely covered by an international law.

There is also something called an NDA – a Non-Disclosure Agreement. It is a legal contract between at least two parties that outlines confidential material, knowledge, or information that the parties wish to share with one another for certain purposes but wish to restrict access to or by third parties. When you decide for outsourcing your app completely to a software house, they will sign an NDA with you. And even if you decide for hiring a dedicated app developer from a software house only, he and the software house will be obliged to sign it as well.

How to keep your idea safe? Get to know more about an NDA in this post.

Breaking those legal agreements connects with huge financial penalties, so no software house will take the risk of doing so. Not mentioning, that it would completely destroy its reputation, and in the crowded app development market, it is a very important asset! So as you see, whichever road you will choose, your idea is completely safe and will belong to you forever.

FACT: No, your idea won’t be stolen, as law protects your Intellectual Property rights

MYTH #2: You won’t have any control over your app development process

The biggest nightmare of all outsourcing skeptics – what if I pay a software house my hard-earned money and then I won’t be able to contact them until my app will be finished? That’s never gonna happen!

No good software house will agree for working in the dark, as an app development process is so complex that there is an absolute MUST for a frequent contact with a client. That’s why software houses are (commonly) working in agile methodology. Thanks to it, you have full control of your project as the development process is based on frequent 2-week iterations. Each iteration is shared with the client to test it, get feedback and improve if needed. You will be also able to track your app progress any time on Jira, Basecamp or Trello.

Even choosing a payment option is up to you! You can decide, whether you want to pay a fixed price or a time & materials model. Software house will advise you, which form of payment will be the best one in your situation. When it comes to hiring a dedicated app developer, it looks the same: you will be able to track his progress using one of the mentioned before platforms and he will be obliged to update you by himself how the development process is going after every iteration. So as you see, you will maintain the position of a boss of your app, and no one will be able to take you away from that!

FACT: Software house will update you every step of the way

MYTH #3: Quality of your app will be worse than if you would do it by your internal team

The brutal truth is, that even when being a successful startup entrepreneur, you can’t be good at everything. You can be the best strategist in the world, the most creative and dedicated person alive but… you may lack programming skills. And there is no shame in admitting that to yourself.

If you are really eager to achieve success, you should pass some parts of your business to the professionals – and that is where an outsourcing step in. Software house has years of experience in app development and the best professionals under their roof. And they will give you something, that no freelancer ever will – after their work will be finished, you will get a 3 months guarantee, that your app will be working really smoothly.

How is the quality assured in the app development process? Learn more about the important role of QA Testers.

Afraid, that the technologies used in your app won’t be the most adequate or the latest ones? Don’t be, as software house experts are always up to date when it comes to programming news, as their reputation and success depend on it. Bearing in mind that you may not be a programming expert, software house will thoroughly explain to you why this exact solution is the best one for you, giving you examples why.

Hiring a dedicated app developer will also give you an assurance of developing your app right. Because every company knows, that their employees are their true calling cards and they are always hiring only the best ones! And let’s be honest, who will be better at choosing the best programmers for your project – someone, who spend years on developing an application or someone who doesn’t actually knows how to code? Exactly.

FACT: Your app quality will be far better, as it will be done by true specialists

MYTH #4: A different company won’t be as dedicated to me as my own employees would be

They will be even more dedicated! Software house exists only if it has clients so it won’t risk losing any of them, that is for sure. And as competition in the app development market is high – they will do their best to satisfy your needs, and transform you into their happy, regular customer.

With freelancers, that is not so certain – as the studies show more than 30% of them work simultaneously on 3 to 4 projects. Yes, many of them may be a true multitasking mastermind, but are you ready to take that risk?

When outsourcing your app, you may feel the need to have ALWAYS someone responsive, able to answer any of your questions and completely committed to you and you only. The solution for that is hiring a dedicated app developer. As the name shows itself, programmer hired in this model will be completely DEDICATED to do – having nothing on his mind but making your app the best as possible.

Want to hire a dedicated app developer? Check our infographic guide.

FACT: Software house will be even more dedicated, as there is their reputation at stake

MYTH #5: It is expensive and has a lot of hidden costs

 The biggest myths of all! No, outsourcing isn’t expensive. Yes, when you look at the estimation from software house, it may seem to be a lot. But trust me – doing everything by yourself will cost you more worries and time, than any amount of money in the world could compensate.

But OK, in case that the numbers speak to you best, did you know, that an average recruitment process cost per employee in the United States is $4000? Guess you didn’t. And that’s just the top of the iceberg! 

 And how much does it cost to build a mobile app? Check out!

 When it comes to the second matter – if you cooperate with a software house, there won’t be any hidden cost included. After the workshop stage, when you agree with your developer all the necessary details about your app functionalities and the scope of the project, they will prepare for you a complex technical specification, basing on which the final costs will be calculated. This way, you will be sure how much you will pay at the end. When you agree on the hourly rate and the payment amount, it is also easy to calculate how many hours will your project take – it’s just the number of hours x hourly rate. 

FACT: There are pricing models assuring you flexibility with remaining a full control over your app


Key takeaway

 Outsourcing is not so scary as it sounds. It’s just passing some of the tasks connected with your project to someone far more experienced in this area. And in the result, you receive YOUR own app, working smoothly and maintaining the highest quality possible. And isn’t that the main purpose of developing an app?  Want to develop your own mobile application and wonder how much it may cost? Fill in the form below to get a free estimation from our Business Analysts. 

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