February 6, 2017


Continuous improvement of your mobile app is one of the key requisites if you want to come out on top and be the prefered app for your target audience. Whether it’s integrating the latest design trends or features, app management is crucial. But, at the heart of all this, there’s – App Analytics.

Taking a deeper look at the data is useful for the Business Intelligence and marketing team, but developers can also get a hold of it to see what’s optimal for the mobile app. Apart from Google Mobile App Analytics Tool, Apple App Analytics, Facebook Analytics for Apps, the internet is full of app analytics platforms that gives you various kind of data, features and insights.

Here’s five platforms that can be used both by marketers and developers to keep track of your app performance, ideally without taking hours to implement.


Flurry seems to be the go-to choice for the leading mobile apps. Over 800,000 apps have adopted the tool and there are 10 billion sessions daily. It can be used to track user behavior on apps across platforms. Whether you want to use it for benchmarking opportunities, or focus on user journeys, funnels, segments or just track crash analytics, Flurry is a powerful tool.

In 2014, Yahoo paid a reported $200-300 million and integrated into its mobile developer suite. Apps like Angry Birds, Snapchat, Skype, Shazam all use Flurry. Oh, and did we mention that it’s for free?


If you want focus just on user behavior, then AppSee should be the tool of your choice. It’s a paid platform and is priced according to the number of apps and session it’s tracking along with the services you require.

AppSee gives you information on how users are using the app, what interests them most and you can also discover steps that tend to discourage conversations. It also has the heatmap feature that allows you to pinpoint the exact level of interaction.

AppSee is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It’s available as a 14-day free trial before you reach out for your credit card details.


If free, open-source is your thing, then take a look at Piwik. The platform allows you to track mobile app statistics and reports using a community developed software developer kit (SDK). Piwik provides you with 100% data ownership, privacy protection and user-centric insights. There’s also a cloud-hosted PRO version.

Companies such as T-Mobile, Sharp, Forbes and OxFam use Piwik. At the time of writing this article, Piwik has been downloaded over 3,084,900 times.


Mixpanel’s mission is to help the world learn from its data. True to their words, they were the only product analytics named in the Forbes Cloud 100 in 2016.

The platform caters to event-based analytics that allow you to choose the event to discover how your app is performing. Mixpanel gives you solid insights on making your product better by tracking the analysis on actions and not page views. It also shows a set of tools tailored to who’s using the product – be it a data scientist, developer or a marketer.

Mixpanel’s demo


If you’re on the marketing looking for a handy tool for app developers, then Localytics might just be the solution. A SDK is available for developers customized according to your business needs. The three top features of Localytics are – Useful Insights, Smart Targeting and Marketing Automation.

You can also send both push and in-app notifications from within the dashboard. Companies like Comcast, ESPN, The New York Times, Ola Cabs have made Localytics their preferred app analytics partner.

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