5 reasons why a mobile app is a good idea for your business

If you have a small and medium company, you probably already know that a well-developed website is a key to build a recognizable brand and can generate huge income. A mobile app, however, is sometimes treated as a fad for tech geeks and just a waste of money. Nevertheless, the mobile app market is developing extremely fast and users are now more likely to use their mobile phones than PCs so it may be important to rethink apps’ usability. Here you can find 5 important reasons why to build a mobile app for your business.


In the world flooded with advertisement it is very hard to attract customers’ attention and even harder to make them buy your products and services. But what if there is a medium which is literally at their fingertips and which is used by them almost all the time? Yes, it is their smartphone with the apps they’ve chosen. One of the most important benefits of mobile apps is that they can provide users with a lot of information about your offer – from prices and news to users account and helpdesk. What’s more, with push notifications they don’t need to open an app to get informed. And when they notice and read your ad, they are just a few steps away from buying your product.


You surely want to know your target market as good as possible so that you can give your customers what they really want. But instead of conducting expensive research, with a mobile app you can make them give you their data for free. Apps provide a perfect opportunity to collect information about customers behavior. You can get to know which products and services are used by them and get a direct feedback via their comments. A well-designed app can also gather data like users location so that you can send them an offer when they are in your neighborhood or collect information like age or sex so you can tailor your products and communication to best hit the target group.


Good customer support is very important for any business because it can prevent customers from leaving the brand dissatisfied and create and image of a company that really cares for its clients. Being very close to customers, literally in their pocket, mobile apps are an excellent channel for delivering instant support. They can include contact details that make it easier for clients to reach you. They can also serve as an additional communication channel which can be used for informing about special offers and discounts.


You probably have some kind of loyalty program already existing. Maybe you allow your customers to collect sticks or give them a point-collection card. A mobile app can be a perfect way to extend and modernize these kinds of programs. Let your customers collect rewards via their mobile and they will not only download your application but also keep it in order to get enough points to get rewarded. And when they already have your app in their smartphone, you can easily use it as a direct marketing tool which provides customers with information about your offer from their own phone and step out from the crowd of other ads.


Just as you have noticed at the beginning, mobile apps are still rare at the small business level. Many small and medium companies treat them as an unnecessary addition and focus on their website development. And that’s exactly why YOU should have your own mobile application. Take advantage of the marketing niche and be the first in your branch or neighborhood to offer an app to your customers. They surely appreciate your modern approach and your brand will get an image of the innovator.
Convinced that your small business needs a mobile application? Contact us for a free and confidential 20 minutes app consultation. Your company will really feel the difference.

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