For the next month, we will all enjoy the finest performances in athletics, diving, swimming, weightlifting and many more. The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro are an excellent opportunity for sport lovers to get together and take the most out of shows featuring the best athletes in the world. Here are 6 mobile apps that all those who closely follow the Olympics Games should have on their smartphones to get an even better experience.

The Olympics – Official App

The official Olympics app is simply the best source for the latest news and scores. It offers plenty of information to help Olympics fans stay up-to-date with the games. You can check updated game schedules, the latest results, key records and other interesting news. Users also gain access to a wide selection of galleries which feature stills and videos. It’s easy to track your favorite sports or athletes and never miss an important moment in this global sports celebration.

Brazil Travel Guide

Those who are lucky enough to find themselves right in the middle of it all need a good guide to Brazil. They need an app which is handy for moving around in the area and getting the most out of a visit to Rio. Brazil Travel Guide app has it all – a detailed sights section with all key monuments of the largest Brazilian cities, a guide to Brazil nightlife and a selection of offline maps. You can book a hotel room directly from the app, get most recent weather forecast, check what’s happening in your area and stay on top of currency exchange rates.

Rio 2016

This app is all about Rio 2016. Users can check detailed schedules, real-time medal tables, or play-by-play results. It is also very useful for those who are watching the games right in Rio de Janeiro – it features practical spectator guides to help visitors get where they want without missing a moment of action. The app is available in different languages, such as English, Portuguese, Spanish, French as well as Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

NBC Olympics

If you happen to live in the US, NBC Olympics is your go-to app for all things concerning Team USA. NBC was always home to traditional Olympics coverage and today all the news is available in the NBC Olympics app. You can check your favorite sport to see who’s winning and watch the best moments on video highlights. For every athlete, the app features bios, real-time results and medal standings. NBC Olympics is a top pick if you want to get the latest Team USA coverage and news.


ESPN is famous for its sports coverage and committed fans of the Olympics won’t be disappointed with its new mobile app. As usual, users get the latest news and biggest stories, but all this content can be personalized – by choosing your favorite leagues you can easily follow up on them once the Olympics come to a close. Another interesting thing about this app is that you can set it to display content relevant to your region. This smart feature works for those who live in the US, India or the UK.

Rio 2016 Social Hub

Another great app for those lucky enough to follow the Olympic Games right at the epicentre of events is Rio 2016 Social Hub, a one-stop space for connecting with other visitors through their verified social media accounts. The application also enables to check out your favorite athletes and follow their social media activity to see the games from their perspective. You can search the Hub by sport, game or team, easily becoming a part of your favorite players’ journey for the Olympic gold!

Rio 2016 Olympic Games are the most important sports event of the year, bringing together thousands of committed followers from many different countries to celebrate this ancient and exciting tradition. Download these apps and you’ll take your Olympics experience to the next level.

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