6 smart strategies to acquire and keep app users

Clients are the lifeblood of any business. It doesn’t matter what your company does – without clients, you can’t make payroll and you can’t grow. There’s no universal strategy for getting more clients that works for everyone. You need to network, build relationships and market your offer to create a steady pipeline of clients. Here are 6 smart strategies to help you attract new clients to your business offer and convert these leads into new customers.


This one is pretty simple. If you lurk around, you won’t build any reputation for yourself and nobody will remember you. It takes time to generate leads from social media, but it’s well-worth doing it. People can follow you for months before they decide to make a purchase.

Be present in places where your target hangs out and join the conversation. Share valuable content, offer helpful advice and be engaged in the online community. Posting infrequently, you’re not gaining anyone’s trust.


One way many entrepreneurs sabotage their own success is by not following up. They get busy and forget to follow up on leads acquired on networking events and conferences, or through email, social media, and referrals. If you want to boost your revenue, you need to open your eyes and simply follow up on leads that you stumble upon.


It’s a good idea to differentiate yourself on the market by offering something for free. Naturally, it’s a good idea to ask clients to leave their email addresses in exchange – but that’s already an exchange. That’s why you should have both free and opt-in offers available on your website.

Build trust and brand credibility by offering to those who don’t know you instant access to your value proposition. Opt-in offers are just a perfect for consumers who feel like they know you and have no problem with leaving you their email address. Make sure that you offer a real value – otherwise you’re just wasting your time.


You won’t realize how many of your customers are willing to give you referral until you ask them. Even if users are happy with your product and want to help others who are struggling with a problem you can solve, they’re not likely to refer you on their own. Make referrals easier by sharing your ideal client profile. Ask loyal customers whether they know someone who fits the description and could use your product.


Content marketing is all the rage right now. And for a good reason – it’s probably the most effective branding strategy out there. Sharing your expertise on your blog, via guest blogging and other types of educational content, you’re building your status as an industry thought leader and positioning your brand on the leading edge of the sector.

If you mention influencers in your post, notify them – they might share your content to their networks and expand your reach. Sure, blogging takes lots of time and you get best results when you’re consistent, but it’s really worth the effort.


Provide feedback and solutions to your prospective clients to help them deal with business challenges. This isn’t like following up on leads, because it’s basically an ongoing process.

Showing that you care and offering to help is the best way to build a meaningful relationship that you can capitalize on later by winning new clients or getting referrals. Help people who reach out to you – it takes some time, but you might end up landing some pretty big deals out of it.

Generating and closing new leads is a priority of every business. Use these 6 tips to boost your lead generation strategy, build a strong community of followers and seriously expand the client base of your mobile application.

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Katarzyna Lorenc
Marketing Specialist

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