Mobile is clearly on its way to dominating the tech market. New products, technologies and apps rise to fame every day. How to make sense of the industry? Your best strategy is to follow these 7 new tech researchers and influencers to keep up with the latest developments in this dynamic and exciting sector.


Mark is a marketing leader with over 14-year experience in creating consumer web and mobile companies with incredible growth ratio. Data-driven and highly analytical, he’s skilled in everything that matters to mobile marketing – lead generation, acquisitions and retention, content marketing and branding. Today he is the VP and Growth marketing executive at LifeLiQe.


Brian Solis is a key influencer on the mobile scene. A digital marketing analytics expert, Brian is a recognized speaker and author of the recently published X: The Experience When Business Meets Design. He’s also behind various reports and research studies which examine mobile experiences. One of his recent studies is The Inevitability of a Mobile-Only Customer Experience where he examines how companies should think mobile-first and mobile-only.


Blogging at, Benedict has amassed over 140k Twitter followers and his following only continues to grow. He’s a partner at a Silicon Valley VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, and a real insider on the local tech scene. His social media posts are always full of insights from major figures in mobile tech.

SARAH PEREZ     @sarahintampa

Sarah is a writer at the Silicon Valley-based news platform TechCrunch. In sharp and on-point writing she covers technology news and often presents the latest developments on the mobile scene. Before becoming a professional blogger, Sarah worked in IT departments across various industries. Today, it’s her coverage that helps management to make sense of mobile technologies.


If gaming apps are your thing, you should definitely follow Brett Nolan. He’s the guy behind – the most comprehensive and popular platform which offers app reviews and news. Check out his Twitter feed to get regular updates on the website’s content and develop a better understanding of the industry surrounding the mobile gaming scene.


A recognized author and consultant on software development, Kevlin wrote extensively about development practices for websites and magazines. He’s the editor of a classic guide 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know and was a keynote speaker at many conferences, including DevWeek, Agile or XP Day. If you need insights into the latest development practices, he’s the guy to follow.

MASHA GELLER@mashageller

Masha is the Founder and Managing Partner of the Wednesday Marketing Group – and the person behind the fantastic mobile conference, AppNation. She is also responsible for the marketing of CDX Global Forum and IoT Influencers Summits. Her meeting club is one of New York’s most popular networking events for digital marketers. If you’re looking for a reliable source of latest industry insights and marketing practices, follow Masha and check out her conference.

Follow these 7 influencers and you’ll get access to a wide range of ground-breaking news and innovations coming from people who know the mobile industry like the back of their hand.

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