7 reasons why choosing an app developer from Central and Eastern Europe is a good idea

In the past, IT outsourcing was mostly associated with India because of low prices and fast pace of software development conducted there. Nowadays though many international companies choose another region, where the mobile app development process can be more efficient and the communication with outsourcing companies easier. Why to choose an app developer from Central and Eastern Europe? Check out the 7 reasons below.


Central and Eastern Europe is a perfect source of IT labour because of its countries’ education strategy. Both in the past times of the Soviet Union and nowadays the countries in this region put the strong emphasis on engineering and the sciences. No wonder that nowadays around 40% of Polish population in the age of 30-34 have a higher education and a huge part of them are qualified IT specialists and engineers who win the most significant tech competitions in the world.


It is often said that some outsourcing app developers are quick and affordable but don’t offer innovative approach to the client. That’s why a developer from Central and Eastern Europe can be more helpful if you are looking for someone to help you improve your app idea. The education methods in such countries as Poland include developing strong analytic skills and emphasis on creative solutions which can be extremely useful in driving your app idea to success.


If your app is connected with the necessity to protect customer data and meet the highest standards of security, countries from Central and Eastern Europe are also a very good idea. A lot of them are members of the European Union and are obliged to adhere to the Data Protection Act and many EU standardization regulations which ensure that their work is of the highest quality.


One of the main fear when considering outsourcing countries where English is not the mother tongue is whether the communication between partners will go well or there will be constant misunderstandings. With the Central and Eastern European countries this is not the case. Most people in this region, especially highly educated, know English on the business level as there are more and more outsourcing in this region and a lot of people travel freely within the EU to get education and praxis.


Central and Eastern European countries has a lot in common with Western Europe and the US both in terms of cultural heritage and history and the approach to work. The workers from this region are believed to take a more collaborative approach to projects and to be more creative than the process-driven workers from Asia. The law regulations are also similar in the whole Europe so the whole process of app development can go easier and faster.


Central and Eastern European region is vast but it is also limited to a few time zones and is just a one or two hours from the United Kingdom and other Western countries. This makes it significantly easier to communicate within working hours. It is also much easier to meet in person to discuss important issues or sign an agreement. However, if a partner comes from countries like the US or Australia which are a couple of hours from Europe, companies from Central and Eastern Europe are also ready to work shifts to fit the client’s working hours.


Although Central and Eastern European developers are highly educated and talented and their work meets highest EU standards, it is worth mentioning that the prices of mobile app development in this part of the European Union are lower than in the United States and most countries of Western Europe. It is because most countries from this region are still developing and the prices of living are still lower than in other European countries.
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Katarzyna Lorenc
Marketing Specialist

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