September 9, 2016


September 7 was awaited with excitement both by Apple fans and the whole mobile industry. The rumors of what will be announced there spread through the web and Apple stoked them up by publishing a video invitation with mysterious bubbles. So what has the company really announced during this long-awaited day and what does it mean both to individual and business? Let’s check out!


The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were certainly the most expected of Apple announcements this year. Especially after a bizarre Twitter leak in which Apple accidentally posted its own video of iPhone 7.

So what the new iPhone 7 looks like? The device is equipped with stereo speakers and a new type of home button that is really a touch surface. It is water and dust resistant and has a longer battery life. Although the design is similar to the 6s, you can now chose from two different black models: matte and shiny.


That’s not the end of news concerning smartphones. It is also worth to mention that the new iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with two 12-megapixel cameras on the back. The two lenses – a 1X wide-angle lens and a 2X zoom telephoto lens – allows for true optical zoom, not just grainy digital one.

The new iPhone generation has also optical image stabilization and RAW image capture. Color gamut is improved too and the devices have a sensor that can eliminate rolling shutter artifacts from flickering lights.


One of the most iconic Apple project in the popular culture were its white earbuds. But they haven’t been omitted by the changes. Instead of them Apple presented wireless AirPods which have a built-in chip for audio processing and automatically pair with your other iCloud devices. They will enable users to listen to their favourite music seamlessly for up to five hours.


The new Apple Watch was second on the list of the top Apple event predictions. Although a great number of new smartwatches in all shapes and sizes was presented during the IFA 2016 in Berlin, Apple’s new device is surprisingly similar to the previous version, at least at first glance.

Apple Watch 2 differs from the first one mainly by its water resistance. It is available in three options – aluminum, stainless steel and white ceramic. The watchOS 3 system is yet to come but the company has announced special Hermés and Nike editions of its smartwatch.


Apart from Hermés and Nike, Apple will also cooperate with Nintendo. The purpose is to provide Apple users with more Mario and Pokémon adventures and make the most out of this year’s fashion for retro cartoon characters created by the video game tycoon.

Super Mario will be brought back to life on iOS in a new game called “Super Mario Run” coming this December. The producer describes it as a continuous runner game you can play one-handed. Judging from immortal Mario’s fame, the game may become Nintendo another great success.

Pokémon GO is also getting the new version, this time as an Apple Watch app. The application will allow Pokémon trainers to check not only to how close they are from Poké eggs or where the nearby Pokéstops are but also to see how far they’ve walked and how many calories they’ve burned.


Although very much expected, new Apple operating systems were not presented on September 7. Apple fans have to wait till September 13 to see how the new iOS 10 an watchOS 3 will look like and till September 20 for the arrival of macOS Sierra.


It become almost a tradition now that Apple sets trends which are then followed by the comapny’s competitors. How the newly announced devices and projects can change the mobile market?

– iPhone camera development will lead to even quicker progress of photo and video social apps. Such a ground-breaking invention can also attracti people interested in photography to the mobile industry.
– Wireless AirPods with a voice control may popularize this type of software both to control devices and with personal assistants such as Siri.
– The new iOS and macOS Sierra will impose creation of more optimal and productive apps and make the developers focus more on these topics.
– Water resistance of the new Apple Watch can lead to a huge water sports app boom. It will also open the door for the new waterproof inventions.
– Finally, implementing Pokémon GO on Apple Watch can set a new path for game apps which will allow for even greater user engagement.

The Apple September 7 event has been welcomed, as always, with a huge interest. No matter the new Apple products will revolutionize the market or not, they focused attention of the whole mobile world and set the trends that will be followed by the mobile market in the near future. Is your business ready for what the future brings?

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