November 1, 2017


Imagine an app where local service providers can list themselves and their expertise, then get customer ratings. The same app allows people who need services to find local recommended people, book, rate and pay for them – all from their mobile.

We are happy to announce, that thanks to a very fruitful cooperation with Togetherdom Limited we have changed the above idea into a reality. The outcome of our joint efforts is a truly extraordinary mobile app, that was designed to solve real world problems.


Social Media platforms are filled with people looking for gardeners, cleaners, plumbers and a whole host of other service providers. Finding the right people for the job has always been really difficult and if you wanted to see evidence that they are really trustworthy then it was almost impossible. Until now.

This is how Togetherdom Limited founder and CEO Mark Watts explains his project’s main purpose and mission:

Togetherdom’s vision is simple: To unleash the potential of millions of households. Its mission is to provide a simple and secure community for providers and demanders of local services to link up by using technology to unite people in a network on a local basis.

- Mark Watts, Founder and CEO of Togetherdom


From a technical perspective, Togetherdom is a multi-sided marketplace app with the added complexity of geolocalisation. To deal with these complexities we have helped create a powerful engine that allows users to search and find local rated people, then book, rate and pay for them – all in one easy process.

With this app, the concept of trust is key. In order to build a community of recommended and rated service providers, the app utilizes a series of proprietary functions that help establish trust not only at the app level but also at the individual transaction level. To increase trust and combat ‘rogue traders’, both the demander and the provider are required to rate one another.

Once a user finds a service provider, a booking can be made through the app. Every provider has his own calendar and a user can easily book a suitable date for the service. The payments are also made through the app. Once a job is done, both demander and provider rate each other via the app and the payment is made.

More details about how the app works can be found on Togetherdom’s website at and if you want to offer a local recommended service, check here.


Togetherdom partnered with Ready4S early in its development journey when they decided they needed a strong technological partner in order to bring their ideas into reality.

After an extensive competitive tendering process, we selected R4S to build our App due to their no-nonsense approach. The process around the build was clear and we felt that there was a strong ability to critically evaluate our product as it was being built, giving us the opportunity to learn from their prior build experiences.

- Mark Watts, Founder and CEO of Togetherdom


Ready4S has been tasked with building the app and providing the technological backbone for Togetherdom’s business, developing an app for Android, iOS and Web platforms as well as the API for it. This way the app covers over 97% of mobiles on the market today.

The functionalities that the app offers include:

  • Geolocalization which allows finding the local contractors,
  • Search engine with many advanced searching options,
  • Ability to post an ad about services users are looking for to be done, or willing to do,
  • An option to rate and review ordered services and contractors.

In order to develop the software, we created wireframes, UX and UI Design and also handled the publication of the app into the app stores. We continue our partnership with Togetherdom to deliver a raft of functionality and enhance the already considerable list of capabilities available to users.

Development of every mobile app is also a great lesson for us, especially by working with such a business-oriented client. We are more than satisfied with the contact, availability, flexibility, and patience on our client's side, which significantly improved initial project ideas.

- Jakub Talarczyk, Project Manager of Togetherdom application


The first version of the Togetherdom App is available in the stores now. You can find it here (for Android), here (iOS) or on Togetherdom website.

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