How to hire an app developer? To recruit an employee or to find a freelancer? That’s a tough question. Both options take a lot of time and can be quite risky. After all, you can never be sure who your contractors are before you work with them.

But what if there was a third answer, combining the advantages of the first two and lacking their cons? The good news is – there is such an option.

IT workforce is extremely specialized and hard to find. You can spend months looking for a dream programmer but there is still risk you won’t find the one that best suits your project’s requirements.

For people who want to have the work done accurately and in a timely manner, there is one good solution offered by the biggest software houses – hiring a dedicated app developer. In this post, we analyze the advantages and possible threats of this new cooperation way.


Hiring a dedicated app developer (known also as body leasing) is a new way to gain the best workforce at the minimum risk from employer’s side. The idea is to hire IT specialists with different, unique expertise for a set period of time.

You simply decide what kind of IT skills you need to complete your project and for how long you want your new developer to stay with you. Then, instead of paying a headhunter to get the best – and the most expensive – programmers for you, you simply ask a reliable software house for help. Within a week, they lend you their own employee for a desired period and you can focus back on your business without worrying about the quality of IT services provided.


Is your business focused on anything but IT? Do you need a programmer to complete only a short-term project and then they will be no longer needed? Or do you have a short deadline and have to find a developer in just a week? Then, you should consider hiring a dedicated programmer.

This form of cooperation is still quite new but can lead to considerable savings for your project. Here are some reasons why you may want to decide on body leasing.


Yes, when you hiring an employee or a freelancer, you can see their CV, interview candidates and ask them to complete a recruitment tasks. But to be honest, some characteristics of your employee are only visible after working with them for some time. The risk is high. Wouldn’t it be better if someone else takes it?

With a dedicated app developer for hire, there is one huge advantage – it’s the software house that takes the responsibility to pick only the best candidates. As their employees work both for them and are sometimes hired by companies like yours, they have to be convinced of their IT specialists’ expertise and team-working skills. Otherwise, they’ll put their own reputation at risk.


It is not easy to find a good IT specialist. And it is even harder to find one that has already done projects like yours, especially if you need some unique skills or technologies.

Just look at it this way – how many projects could your potential employee or freelancer have done? Five? Ten? If they were hired by one company for a year or two and change their work quite often, these are the possible numbers. With a developer hired by a software house, the work experience grows exponentially. They’ve just been members of so many projects and teams, they know the much bigger spectrum of technologies and cases.

Software house’s employees also have an access to best technologies, programs, and tools. They can learn from more experienced colleagues and make use of the press, books and courses provided by their employer. Isn’t it better to hire an already experienced specialist than one who has to learn everything on your project?


Do you need a really good app developer? And do you need him only for a couple of months or only for a part-time job? Most of the best IT pros don’t like to be treated this way.

They are looking for a stability and new challenges at work. And since the best programmers can easily choose any job they want, they will only work in the environment which allows them to develop their careers, with the best software and hardware included. A part-time job with no specialistic tools provided can be not so tempting for them. So you’ll have to invest significantly to tempt a really good programmer.

Still, you shouldn’t give up or promise them a full-time job when you don’t need an IT team 40 hours a week and invest huge amounts of money in programs you will soon throw away. It can be easier to turn to a software house which already provides their employees with any software and hardware they may need and to make use of their tools. For as long as you need.


To find a good specialist can cost a lot of time and money. After all, you need to ask a headhunter or your in-house HR specialist to spend time looking for your dream programmer and this market is very competitive, as was pointed above. And when you finally get your pro, you have to keep in mind things like the time needed to adapt to their new duties, sick leave or the costs of termination of their contract after they’ve done the job.

Cooperation with a software house can help you skip such costs. Not only you don’t risk anything in connection with your programmer’s job agreement – that’s entirely on the software house – but you also don’t pay the recruitment costs. If you don’t decide on cooperation, you’ll have no additional expenses. Everything you pay for is the working hours of your dedicated app developer. And you can start off with the work in just a week from reporting the demand.


Although short-time cooperation with software house’s employees has a lot of advantages, there are also some popular worries, you may have before trying such an option yourself. Below you’ll find the most common ones.


When you hire your own employee, you have a full control over his work and the recruitment process. No wonder, some companies worry to loose such an important advantage through body leasing. However, if you look closely at software house’s dedicated app developer, it becomes clear that you loose no control over your worker this way.

The recruitment process stays clear and focused on your needs. You get the CVs, interview the candidates and can give them a recruitment task – the same as if you were hiring them yourself. But you don’t need to find them in the big mobile market first, at significant costs – you just pick from the best ones the software house has.

You are the boss. You set the cooperation rules during the negotiation process and you are the one who supervises your dedicated developer. You can also hire a whole team, who knows each other and are used to work together. What’s more, you get a dedicated Project Manager for your project, so that you can be sure the schedules are well-prepared and the deadlines are met.


“In the classical body leasing, a common problem is when a client wrongly determines the candidate’s profile. For example, clients often have too big expectations in comparison to their real needs. The costs and recruitment time increases,”
says Marta Barcicka, Body Leasing Expert

That’s where the best software house’s expertise comes. They are experienced in what they are doing so if you describe the project to them, you can count on their knowledge to pick for you the people, you need the most.


Safety is a common worry for those who want to outsource part of their work. What if you hire a freelancer and he will steal your app idea? Or if he stops working and answering e-mails and just disappear?

With hiring a dedicated app developer from a software house, you don’t have to consider such a risk. Legal issues are set during the negotiation process and if you sign an NDA, you can be sure your idea is safe. After all, software houses sign NDAs with their employees and cannot afford to become involved in any legal issues as they want to keep their reputation.

As you can see, hiring a dedicated app developer can be a very good solution for your company and it is not as scary as you may think.

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