How mobile apps can help children at school

Today mobile devices are used more often than desktop computers and even small children learn quickly how to operate a tablet or a smartphone. That’s why it is important to show them as soon as possible that mobile apps are not only games but also a valuable software which can help them in their education. In this post we show how mobile applications can help children at school.


Let’s begin with the huge dose of knowledge available via a great number of textbook apps. From mathematical and physical formulas to popular books and historical data – there is an app for every subject. What’s also important here is that many apps are created particularly for children and allow them to learn new information by using explanation adjusted to their age. Nice graphics with cartoon characters and many in-app games also make learning a pleasant activity for even the smallest children.


Today more and more teachers are aware that their pupils’ first source of information is internet and mobile apps. What they also begin to notice, however, is that a well-prepared mobile app is a very good way to help children memorize information in an easier way by performing many interactive exercises. It is proven that using the new knowledge in different situations and creating many associations with it are the best ways to learn it by heart. And apps seem to be a very good implementation of both these rules.


Some schools go even further than allowing pupils to use mobile applications during classes and invest into software that enables absent children to participate in lessons too. Such an idea stand behind ProjectU, one of the latest applications developed by Ready4S. The app enables teacher to give a lecture via the app as well as to create interactive classes, send educational materials and receive students’ homework. A good idea for any truly interactive school.

projectu-2One of our apps – ProjectU


When combining textbooks and workbooks with artificial intelligence, we get a perfect recipe for a language learning application that can even replace a teacher to some extent. Today, many language apps not only provide a child with a lot of valuable information and allow to fill in and check exercises but they also use smartphone’s speakers and microphone to teach pronunciation of foreign words. Great idea for those who have just began their language adventure or don’t have time for a full-time leanguage course.


Apart from learning and doing exercises, there is also another kind of apps that can be useful for school children – different office software. From writers and spreadsheets to time management and calendars, there are a lot of interesting programs designed to make it easier to cope with a great deal of chores. Intuitive interface of such apps as Trello or Handy Timetable will please children and suit their needs while at the same time teach them some basic soft skills such as time management or working in a group.


Last but not least, children can also benefit from apps which are designed not only for them but for teachers and parents as well. A good example is one of our latest apps – ClickEdu. This app’s purpose is to increase parents’ involvement in the education of their children by improving communication between teachers, parents and children. Thanks to internal communication system and integrated calendar parents can monitor their children’s learning process and children gain access to educational materials both discussed during the class and additional that might boost their knowledge.

One of our apps – ClickEdu

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