August 4, 2018


Your app is your castle – you have a great idea that can change the world and you want it to be exactly as you’ve imagined it.

But the very moment you begin to changing your dreams into reality, you realize that you need a professional support of a mobile app developer to code your product. And that’s a step you have to make – and make a good one – to ensure your idea’s success.

Where to begin searching for an experienced programmer? One of the best ways is to search through a worldwide directory of mobile app developers, gathering and assessing their work. We’ve interviewed Eleonora Israele, an analyst from one of such directories called Clutch, to give you first-hand information about how such directories works and how they are created.

Eleonora Israele is a senior analyst at Clutch, where she is responsible for research on marketing software and digital agencies. She enjoys spending her free time running, traveling, crocheting and rooting for FC Barcelona

Katarzyna Lorenc, Ready4S: What is Clutch? What do you offer to your users?

Eleonora Israele:Clutch is a B2B research, ratings, and reviews website that guides businesses and entrepreneurs through the process of selecting a service company or software solution that best fits their needs, whether for a one-off project or a long term relationship.

– Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and transparent representation of the IT and marketing industries to educate our users on their options, so their projects are as successful as possible.

– This is achieved through our service specific leaders matrices that map out the best companies based on their ability to deliver great results and their focus on a specific service line, such as app development. The Clutch analyst team internally assesses each company featured on our site based on their online presence, portfolio items, and services offered. Most importantly, analysts conduct interviews with these companies’ previous clients in order to create case study-like reviews that are published on their profile.

– Our 3rd party verification of work provides unbiased evaluations of companies in order to help business buyers find the right partner for them. Additionally, our process helps featured companies manage their online reputation and increase their online visibility and traffic.

How do you prepare your ranking? What factors do you take into consideration?

– Clutch evaluates companies based on over a dozen quantitative and qualitative factors, including client reviews, company experience, client list, industry recognition, and market presence. Our rankings are dynamic, so as companies add new reviews, get new projects or win new industry awards, their Clutch rank is adjusted and is reflected in the leaders matrices and reviews pages that they appear on. We make sure to reassess all the companies on our site periodically to ensure that our rankings are accurate at all times.

What do you attach importance to while preparing the ranking?

– We always want to ensure that we are fair and accurate. As industries evolve, we try our best to stay well informed of the latest standards in order to keep our rankings and evaluations relevant. An analyst curates each category on our site. It’s an analyst’s job to make sure that our ranking makes sense and that we are putting the best content out there.

Why can clients trust your reviews? What does the process of reviewing look like?

“Our end user is our number one priority, which is why we make sure that all of our reviews are substantive and unbiased. Additionally, it is completely free for any company in the industries we cover to create a profile and submit clients for us to speak with.” Click To Tweet

– Each time a company submits a client reference, they are asked to provide a summary of the scope of work. A Clutch analyst then contacts the client for an interview to ask about the project in depth, including their initial challenge, the solution provided, and their satisfaction with the engagement. That conversation is then transcribed and edited for length and clarity prior to publishing on the provider’s profile. Finally, we send the review to the client to take a second look and make sure that their comments are accurate.

Do the rankings change significantly over time? Are there any stable leaders?

– Rankings change constantly. We strive to keep our content evergreen by adding as much information, companies, and reviews as possible. Though some leaders emerge over time, our coverage is constantly growing and evolving.

What should clients pay attention to while looking for a mobile app developer, except from a place in the ranking?

– Previous work and client testimonials are the biggest indicators of whether a company will be a good match for a client. A company that has worked in a similar industry or has completed a similar project has an advantage over ones that have not. I would also look for a company that is invested in their clients’ success. The best development projects occur when developers understand the vision and want the project to succeed, beyond just the development aspect. Finally, good UX/UI design is key. Not only does a good interface make for a good user experience, but design is part of marketing. It’s the first thing people see, and may be a make or break when users choose whether or not to continue using an app.

What are Clutch’s plans for next months? What are you going to focus on?

– One of our biggest initiatives is to cover more companies worldwide. We want Clutch to be an internationally trusted brand so that everyone can find the best companies in their area.

To conclude – your top 3 pieces of advice to people looking for app development company for their project.

1) Make sure that you are on the same page in terms of the scope of the work and the payment/cost model
2) Look at their previous work
3) Read online reviews!

As you can see, a worldwide directory of mobile app developers can be a very good place to find a reliable and trusted mobile app developer. Do you need more information to make up your mind? Check these 7 essential tips to find an app developer.

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