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Looking for a good app developer can be tricky, especially if you are new in the mobile industry. Where can you find a reliable partner when there are so many software houses in the Internet? How can you decide who to hire if you can’t code yourself and are unable to validate your potential developer’s expertise? What can you do to make sure your project will be safe and well-developed?

One of the best ways to find a reliable IT specialist for your project are mobile app developers rankings, like AppFutura. But what exactly are those rankings and why we advise to use them?

To acquaint you with mobile app developers rankings, we asked Marc Coll from App Futura to answer some questions you may ask yourself.

Marc Coll is responsible for customer support, validation, management and follow up on all mobile app development projects posted on AppFutura. He stays in direct contact with users and developers worldwide and supports both to have their projects completed with great success.

Let’s see what he can say about mobile app development rankings.

Katarzyna Lorenc, Ready4S: What is AppFutura? What do you offer to your clients?

Marc Coll: – We are a platform for mobile app development companies to connect with clients looking for the best experts in the field. Therefore, we have two types of audience: developers and people looking for those developers.

– For development companies, we essentially offer two different products.

– The first one is a worldwide directory where they can be listed. Our traffic comes from keywords that are essential for development companies, so being a part of our directory means sharing this positioning with AppFutura. There are also options to be featured and create expert content within our platform that we heavily promote. All of this maximizes the amount of qualified traffic we can drive to websites of development companies.

– Our second product is a marketplace focused only on mobile app development. Clients can post their needs and development companies can apply for different projects. We offer a messaging tool for them to start conversations about the project. Clients eventually hire their favourite candidate within our Escrow system, which ensures payment safety for both parts. Developers get to work knowing payments are deposited and available.

How do you prepare your ranking? What factors do you take into consideration?

– Our ranking is very much based on the efforts and accomplishments of the development companies listed.

– Besides different levels of visibility, the ranking is essentially composed of 3 main factors (in this particular order):

  1. The work done within our marketplace. Getting hired within AppFutura and getting positive reviews is the most important factor. The budget of the projects also plays a part in determining what impact a positive or negative review will have on the ranking.
  2. Besides reviews obtained on AppFutura, development companies can bring in reviews from their former clients, which are thoroughly validated by our team before going online. This helps to build up a reputation even as a new user.
  3. Having a complete profile and being active on AppFutura. The more you complete your profile, the more your ranking improves and it is also minimally boosted if you are active on the platform (making proposals, participating in the community forum etc.).

What do you attach importance to while preparing the ranking?

– Reviews and references from former and current clients are the key aspect that defines our ranking.

AppFutura website allows users to easily find the best mobile app developers in the world

Why can clients trust your reviews?

– All reviews in AppFutura are 100% validated.

– There are two types of reviews:

  1. Reviews awarded on AppFutura, of which we have seen advance and progress, supporting the clients if needed. As a directory, this gives us a unique perspective on which companies perform well too.
  2. Development companies can also bring in reviews from former clients. In this case, AppFutura performs a thorough validation to make sure they are real. We are forced to initially turn down about 30% of reviews received and need to request further information.

Do the ranking changes significantly over time? Are there any stable leaders?

– Definitely. Of course, for a new user, it might take a while to be able to reach the top positions, currently taken by companies that have been consistent in their activity.

– However, it is all a matter of time and there are changes month by month depending on the activity of each company.

What should clients pay attention to while looking for a mobile app developer, except from a place in the ranking?

– The place in the ranking is simply an indicator of consistency, but it is definitely not the only thing to consider.

– I always say that communication is a key factor. Therefore, it is important to hire someone efficient in this area and one that makes you feel comfortable.

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– Additionally, references are of course a key. On AppFutura clients can find a number of validated reviews, but they can also contact our team for more thorough, 100% objective feedback.

To conclude – your top 3 pieces of advice for people looking for an app development company for their project.

  1. Consider quality over quantity. A low price is always attractive, but it is only one factor. If a company offers you much lower price than most, chances are they will not be able to deliver the project as promised or up to the same standards as others.
  2. Don’t be in a rush. It is important to evaluate that the people you will be embarking into an app development can be trusted and offer you optimal product and costumer service.
  3. Use AppFutura. This is, in a way, biased, but we offer a unique environment where you can study companies, find references, have our continued support and handle your project and payments safely.

It seems that trusting an external directory of mobile app developers can be a good starting point if you’re looking for a software house to cooperate. Do you still have doubts? Check these 7 essential tips to find an app developer.

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