Mobile app development process (infographic)


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Why an MVP is the best way to start building a mobile app

Developing a mobile product is always a challenge and even if you’ve got a great business idea, the fate of your app is uncertain once you finally launch it. Fortunately, there’s one thing you can do to efficiently test your concept and see whether it resonates with your target audience: MVP.

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What a small business app should inlude?

Mobile applications are rapidly stepping into the world of small business. Entrepreneurs are starting to appreciate their marketing value but if they are not familiar with the mobile development industry, they often don’t know exactly what features their app should include. Here we present 5 great features a small business app may have.

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6 tips for app beta testing

One of the most reliable methods for achieving app launch success is beta testing. Nothing can beat the kind of feedback you get from early adopters and testers and seeing how your app performs on secondary markets is a key to picking up on crucial problems and improving your app. Try our 6 great tips for beta testing.

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