Mobile app development process (infographic)


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5 reasons why you need a mobile app even if you already have a mobile website

Do you wonder whether it is necessary to have both mobile app and website for your company? Here are 5 good reasons why you need a mobile app even if you’ve already got a well-prepared mobile website.

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How to pre-plan your mobile app? 5 brilliant ideas you can’t miss!

How can you make mobile app development process much easier and save your time and money? One of the best ideas is to pre-plan your app so that developers know what you expect from them. We present 5 brilliant tips which help you to start off with your app.

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6 common mistakes in app development process

Developing a mobile app can be pretty tricky, especially if you’ve got no experience navigating the treacherous waters of app development. To help you develop a fun app that supports your key business goals, here are 6 common mistakes made during the app development process and how to glide through them.

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