Ready4S 5th birthday: how have we changed?

Exactly 5 years ago our founders, Greg Przemysław Frączek and Radosław Tosnowiec, established Ready4S and began a journey that led them to the point where we are now – the top app developer in the UK, Poland and Ukraine. Therefore, when we had the 5th jubilee last week, there was a lot to celebrate! Check what this special day looked like and how Ready4S changed over years.


A great team is the heart of every company. They work together, brainstorm to find the best solutions, and celebrate their successes as a group. No wonder that when we have such a great, talented people on board, we wanted the celebration to revolve around them.

The big day began with a common breakfast for all our employees. We had a chance to meet people who usually work in other offices and departments – a great opportunity to integrate.
The founders also took a chance to congratulate and thank the team members as well as to cheer on Ready4S to achieve even more.
As it was the birthday, there were presents as well 😉


The evening was full of attractions as well. Although we changed our headquarters for the new ones 3 months ago, we didn’t have the opportunity to throw a house-warming party yet. The jubilee was a perfect opportunity to make up for it.
For one night, our main office changed into a tropical island with flower garlands, a palm tree and even a mini golf course!
You can see how we spend that day on a video clip created by one of our talented employees, Daniel.



Before we helped over 60 startups from 35 countries around the world, we were beginning as a startup ourselves. No wonder, we can understand a perspective of a small company which takes its first steps on the way to greatness.

The beginnings are never easy and neither weren’t ours. One of our founders, Greg Frączek, recalls:

“When we founded Ready4S five years ago, there were just three of us. We were working in my private flat. It was early on but even then we were absolutely sure that we want to be the best mobile app development company in the world.”

Anybody who knows Ready4S now can tell that we stick to this vision and advise our startup clients to do the same – believe in the great idea they have and never give up.


With the first clients and some of our most devoted employees, who are with us almost from the very beginning, we could spread our wings. In only two years, we developed 25 mobile applications and the team grew from 3 to 30 talented people.

Always keeping in mind our great dream, we were also determined to go global. Our founders traveled the world to keep in touch with the latest trends in mobile industry and to make sure we are everywhere where something tech-related was going on. Soon, we had clients from every continent in the world and we added Poole in the United Kingdom and Lviv in Ukraine to our Cracow headquarters.


With the great background and enthusiasm of our team, we started to get noticed by the mobile industry leaders.

Very positive reviews and rich portfolio led us to become the Mobile App Developer of the Year 2015 by AppFutura and to repeat this success last year. We are also recognized by – one of the best-known software development directory in the world – as the best developer in three countries where we operate: the UK, Poland, and Ukraine.

In the meantime, our portfolio grew to over 120 developed apps for clients from 35 countries in the world, and the Ready4S team includes now 60 creative and experienced specialists.

So what we could wish ourselves for the 5th birthday? The words of Greg tells everything:

“The real game changer for Ready4S was building a strong team of people who had faith and attitude to face any challenge. That’s what we base our software house on and that’s what we would like to keep to achieve the future of our dreams.”


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