October 1, 2019

Filter, Search, Apply, Repeat – The JobsStreet App

The job market is evolving and if you’ve been employed for the past 10 years or so, get ready for a reality check – things have changed. Yes, you’re probably on LinkedIn already, but with our busy lives and packed schedules, who has the patience to constantly scroll through the never-ending feed of job openings. The truth is that nobody really wants to be stuck in front of the laptop for hours. Now the good news – you don’t need to. Just as almost anything else in our lives, job searching has gone mobile and we can do it on the go and instantly.

There are a lot of big players in the field of online job searching. At Ready 4S, we’ve created JobStreet, a job search mobile app designed and targeted specifically for the Asia region.

One may think: how much more can you really squeeze out of a job search app? We know the drill, its main purpose is to connect job seekers with potential employers. And any app of that kind pretty much serves that purpose. Users can already complete the process on their mobiles or tablets wherever they are. Some of the apps will even let you create a resume, match you with open jobs, and apply directly from the app, saving you search time. Things have gotten so convenient that most of us are even able to forgive the pain of applying for a job on a small screen when on the go.

To create a leading online employment marketplace for Asia

We decided to think and be one step ahead of the rest. We wanted to reveal the potential of the Asian employment market knowing how abruptly it has been evolving in the last few years, and how many job search tools have already emerged there.

Our goal was to create a leading online employment marketplace in Asia. The application has been designed for hundreds of thousands of users in Asia allowing them to search job offers on the go. As a world-class product technology solution, it has also been created to address the needs of job seekers as well as employers and place any matches between them across online employment marketplaces. The application is now available in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. 

Project scope:

  • Application for Android and iOS platform
  • Languages Objective C and Java
  • Rebuilding the whole network connection
  • Rebuilding map clustering
  • Bug fixes
  • Code refactoring
  • New features
  • Maintenance

Functionalities available in JobStreet:

  • Browse jobs by city, industry, and interests
  • Search results show by list or by markers on the map
  • Access to premium job offers
  • The ability to build a professional profile that allows users to stay up to date with career opportunities
  • Personal profile page 
  • Salary matchings, location map, and company insights.

“With over 230,000+ employers across Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam in our database, you can search, apply to and get notified on your dream job opening anytime, anywhere!” - Google Play review

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