August 25, 2016


Mobile applications are rapidly stepping into the world of small business. Entrepreneurs are starting to appreciate their marketing value but if they are not familiar with the mobile development industry, they often don’t know exactly what features their app should include. Here we present 5 great features a small business app may have.


Have you ever considered a loyalty card program in which your customers can collect points and get discounts or gifts if they gather a certain number of them? There is a reason why such programs are a good idea – they really boost sales and are liked by clients.

As the times are changing, traditional paper cards to collect stickers are becoming outdated but the affection people have for them doesn’t change. 70% of smart phone users would be interested in using their smartphone to collect points and receive discounts and 69% of them would be likely to download a loyalty application. Isn’t it a good reason to make a loyalty program mobile app?


Another good way of promotion, which is preferred by customers over traditional advertisements, is offering them discount coupons. Getting such a coupon makes your potential clients feel appreciated and content as if they got a gift. And using them to buy discounted goods adds a feeling of self-satisfaction that they made a good deal.

The advantages of discount coupons can be used also in mobile application. Only in 2013 75% of consumers redeemed a mobile coupon. And 39% of them spend more if they receive a personalized one. Geolocation is also up and running. Over one in three consumers would like to receive a mobile coupon based on their current location.


One of the most popular functionalities provided by mobile applications is customer service. Over 78% of customers admits that they use apps for this purpose. They prefer this way of communication to easily make reservations, book appointments or order food. It is also a perfect way to send feedback or complaint.

Deciding to prepare a mobile app for customer service purposes should be thought through well, however. Over a half of customers who left feedback via a mobile app and got ignored are not likely to remain a customer. So remember to treat your mobile app like your other customer service tools and don’t let any message unanswered.


A phone call is still considered the easiest way of communication between clients and a company. 75% of consumers say that this is the quickest way to get a response and companies know well that a phone call have 30-50% conversion rates in comparison to 1-2% for clicks.

Other ways of personal contact via an app are also very popular. Apart from a click-to-call button, you can try a click-to-email one or a built-in contact form. Remember to make these features easy to spot and click. And make sure to reduce the amount of writing. Long contact forms with a lot of boxes will only deter users.


They may look intrusive but in fact 77% of smartphone users say that many kinds of push messages have positive effect on their brand loyalty and 65% of them admit they check and open those notification if interested. That’s why no matter what kind of app you want to develop, it should include this type of promotion.

How a good push notification should look like? Firstly, it is always better to personalize it as much as you can, basing on the data you collect from the user. For example, a special birthday message is always a good idea. And secondly, offer something valuable for the user instead of advertising your services. Surprise discounts, coupons or exclusive content will do very well for this purpose.

Use these 5 strategies for small business mobile apps and your investment will definitely pay in more leads, increased sales and more satisfied customers.

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