Why don’t people download your app and how to change it?

Mobile application market seems to be the endless source of business opportunities. Marc Zuckerberg embodies the Start-up Dream, worldwide mobile app revenues are predicted to double in the next 4 years and we are being informed about the new, promising mobile start-ups everyday. But the market isn’t that gentle for everybody. Why don’t people download YOUR app? Check out and get to know what to do to change its fate and attract app users.


The data from June 2016 clearly shows that the mobile market is already overcrowded. There are 2.2 million apps available only in the Google Play and another 2 million in the Apple App Store. Most of them appear and stay unnoticed and only some gain the number of users necessary to consider them as a little success. The number of best-known giants in the mobile application industry is even smaller. In the USA an app needs around 100 000 downloads to rank in the top ten of the Apple App Store. That’s a 25% increase from last year.


All this means that, once released, every app has to fight for survival in a highly competitive market. This is the reason why many apps fail to get to the top and that’s why delivering the app to the right audience, at the right time and with the adequate communication is imperative to its success.


Conducted research, clients’ insights and the expertise of both many software houses and mobile app developers forums such as Clutch clearly show that there are certain spheres which are inevitable for a good mobile app marketing campaign. Those include app store optimization and reviews as well as implementing a launch campaign or getting audience in the social media. Even the things like the icon in app store search engine or screenshots and videos in app’s profile counts when it comes to the app success.


Are you already convinced that your app deserves the best marketing? Learn how to optimize your app store page, create a launch campaign, make the most from video for app marketing, get more reviews to serve as social proof and use social media to your advantage from the latest expert e-book released by polish leading mobile app development company Ready4S in cooperation with Clutch. Download it now for free!


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