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The main online verification newsroom for the public
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FirstDraft News brings together a global network of journalists to investigate emerging news from all over the world before they go out to the public. Journalists verify the truthfulness of news on a platform called CrossCheck platform. These news come from other media or other journalists on the CrossCheck platform. FirstDraft deeply believes that everything they do starts with collaboration. Their ultimate goal is to build trust and to stand up for truth in the polarized world. By sharing cutting-edge digital tools, FirstDraft wants to help both content creators and the public make better-informed judgments about the information they encounter online.
Web & mobile
Time spend:
> 17000
Technology stack:
PHP, JavaScript, Api platform, Angular, React Native, Elastic, Firebase, AWS, Docker, Gitlab
  • Posts - news added to the platform by journalists that contain workspaces
  • Workspace - the space for journalists where they can verify emerging news  by editing the content, commenting on the text and adding assets
  • Comments - text comments that can’t be used for stories
  • Stories - the final product of the journalist’s. The final story contains assets that are published on the platform to the public
  • Notifications - email/SMS/web push notifications sent to users to inform them about various events that happen in the platform
Web development
UX/UI Design

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