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How we work

We create a self-managing project team

We manage our own work and use diverse skills, exceptional knowledge and hands-on experience to reach a common goal and deliver the best results.

We work with your team in an agile way

From the project kick-off and setting requirements to testing and delivery, our agile team can work with you to achieve significant value and deliver at high speed.

Our Services

From quality assurance and UX/UI design to integrations, we will help you step-by-step with your next medical project.


From products for the mass market to apps that cater for the niche, we design, create, test, launch and maintain software for a specific set of users. We’ll take your idea and put it into action to add value to your business and online presence.


We execute all kinds of testing – performance, manual, automation, as well as mobile app testing. As soon as your software is launched, we will perform API testing to spot any defects before your customers do.


We offer a wide range of useful integrations with wearables, Stripe, Bluedot, InApp Purchase, RestAPI, AWS, HateBase, Newship, Archive Org, Matomo. Our integrations deliver the flexibility you'll need as your healthcare product grows.


We carefully test your target user needs to help you make better design decisions. Based on gathered data, we’ll create a low-fi or hi-fi prototype to better showcase your final product with all its functionalities.

Our Projects

Sidly Care

An innovative healthcare wearable app

“They assigned a project manager who worked closely with our own and had good communication.”

We've developed a medical app thanks to which doctors and caregivers can monitor their patients' health. It connects with the Sidly Care Band that measures and shares all important data about patients.

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Swiss multinational healthcare company

“They were very responsive and very easy to work with.”

We've built an iOS app for oncologists that integrates with a specific API that connects to the database of all physicians in Poland. The app is a hub with information on oncology, from news to articles.

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Gaze-controlled communication Innodem Neurosciences

"A team of real game-changers that brought excellent solutions to our project."

The Pigio app allows people who are unable to speak to communicate by simply moving their eyes across the interface. Apart from that, the app is also an information and entertainment hub.

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Document and validate your body work

"They've magically turned our vision into reality."

The Bodydox app has been created with practitioners in mind. It helps them make holistic body assessments of their clients based on solid visual data. Pictures get immediately translated from the smartphone into a full-body image on the desktop.

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Clients testimonials

consultations this year
Based on development velocity and quality, Ready4S is a top-level vendor, on-par with the client's internal resources. Communication is smooth and efficient, mirroring the ease of working with in-house developers. Ready4S' work spurs few customer issues, which is evidence of their commitment.
The app was successfully launched, garnering at least 25% of its target users, and is still live. The schedule of the project was communicated well, and the team was very supportive, providing mockups that could be tested with users, and bringing both design and development expertize to the table.
Ready4S has a team of skilled problem solvers. They’ve delivered high-quality work so far. The team is committed to the project and works quickly. They follow a scrum methodology and they meet with their partners weekly. They’re strong collaborators and provide weekly demonstrations.
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